What’s Your Perfect Writing Environment?

This article originally appeared on the Get Paid to Write website.

What’s Your Perfect Writing Environment?

by Dan  Smith

What type of working environment do you find suits you best? (photo by Constance Wiebrands via Flickr)

When I started writing on a freelance basis, I was doing so on an evening  while I still lived at home with my parents and worked in a full time salaried  role.

Being a typical family, it was very rarely quiet throughout the house and so  I carried out almost all of my work on a laptop while sat on my bed.

I’d have no TV on, no music on and I’d try and ignore every other possible  distraction, such as my mobile phone or websites like YouTube and Facebook.

While I now live with my fiancé in our own house and have done for over three  years, up until recently I still found that I would follow the same working  habits – get in from work, get changed and then sit on the bed with my laptop  and work.

I think the reason behind this may have been the comfort aspect as well as a  conducive to work one – not so much in the physical comfort sense (although  working while sat on a bed is no doubt comfortable), but the psychological  sense.

And for the most part, I’ve believed that this working environment – quiet,  out of the way and distraction free – has been the one that has worked best for  me.

Since I’ve cut down on the salaried work and have been able to spend more  time at home, however, I’ve been able to try different ways of working and  realised that my previous way actually may not have been the most effective.

For example, I’ve found that working in an environment that isn’t one where  you would traditionally relax does generally help me from being distracted by  things I would otherwise do in those environments.

A prime example is working from the lounge. If I’m on my laptop while sitting on  the sofa, I’m usually either playing games or checking YouTube.  Therefore, when I’m working from the lounge, psychologically my mind’s confused  why I’m doing work and not having fun and this appears to constantly be at the  front of my mind.

Should I work from the dining room, however, I can effectively treat it as an  office. I can spread out over the dining room table and because I don’t usually  do anything but eat in that room, I find it a lot easier to get into that  working frame of mind – and stick to it.

I’ve also discovered that some distractions are good, as by answering my  mobile phone every now and again, I find that I keep the calls short and dive  straight back into work.

Previously, when I essentially forbid myself from going on the phone while  working, I was always clock watching, as when I took a break, I could go on my  phone, but then I’d always spend longer on it than I probably should have  done.

We all have our own working environments and after several years of freelance  writing, I’m still trying to find which works best for me.

Over these last few weeks, though, it’s made me wonder whether or not there  is just the one perfect writing environment or whether change is something that  we need to embrace to continue to be effective freelance writers producing high  quality work.

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