Book Review: The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook By Jeff Kinley

This book review originally appeared on the Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife website.

I recently received a copy of the new book The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook: Slaying The Living Dead Within by Jeff Kinley to review.
Ben Forman was your every day average young guy, starting his first job, and falling in love with his girlfriend. He didn’t think that the zombie activity so common in the big cities would happen where he lived. As the epidemic spreads, will he find himself surviving, or becoming one of the undead? While the story itself is fictional, the author uses it to teach about sin, grace, and salvation in a way that appeals to the young adult set.
If I ever needed any further proof that everyone is marketing using zombies these days, The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook is it. Then again, take a trip to your local big box store on Black Friday, and you’ll see them shuffling through the store: zombies. They really are amongst us – folks so glued into the day to day consumerism life that they have become essentially what a zombie is when you break it down: barely functioning shells of bodies. (George A. Romero was right!)
The end of the book has a discussion guide for groups to use.
For parents, the book does have a warning on the back that it’s not suitable for younger audiences, so take that into consideration if you are purchasing this as a gift for ‘tween or teen this holiday season. (Really, you should use that warning for nearly all zombie related books and movies, but I do realize I am a bit stricter than many parents).

photo courtesy of the website, Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife.

The author, Jeff Kinley, did attend ZomBcon this past year, and we headed over to his booth:
The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook: Slaying The Living Dead Within by Jeff Kinley is a paperback religious and spiritual growth book published by Thomas Nelson. It is 272 pages long. The suggested cover price is $15.99, but Amazon has it available for $10.98 as of this posting. It is also available as an e-book for the Kindle and other e-readers.