Books released/Rock and Shock 2010

Welcome to Tuesday everyone. Hopefully, Monday was good to you. Today’s blog is about two new books and where the authors of these books will be this weekend.

In Sickness: Stories from a very Dark Place by L.L. Soares and Laura Cooney is out now from Skullvines Press ( It’s a short story collection where these writers guide you through the regions of the horrific and the surreal. “Here are just some of the strange sights you’ll see along the way: a ghost girl takes her living playmate on an eerie hunt for buried treasure; on Halloween night, a college student finds a little black dress that’s more than just a fashion accessory; a Sasquatch hides in the rhododendrons, waiting for the woman he loves; a group of super-smart monkeys are in the mood to peel a meal, but it ain’t bananas they’re craving; and a husband and wife, bound together in a web of tragic secrets, are haunted by strange, pig-faced children.” The book is available in print through and It is also available as an ebook and on Kindle.

Soares and Cooney are members of the New England Horror Writers ( are not only writers of dark fiction; they are also married to each other. They will be at Rock and Shock 2010 at the DCU Center & the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts on Saturday, October 16. They will be at the NEHW table from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Rock and Shock 2010 is being held from October 15 through October 17. For more information about the convention, check out the website at

Soares will also be debuting Breaking Eggs at the convention. Breaking Eggs is a novella he co-wrote with Kurt Newton and is being published by Sideshow Press ( Newton will also be at the NEHW table with Soares and Cooney.

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