Extras Needed in Worcester Area this Saturday

The filmmakers, who brought audiences Mourning Wood (you can read a review here), needs extras in the Worcester, MA. area this coming Saturday for a short film, The P.U.S.S.Y. Committee

Fat Foot Films needs extras at Green Hill Park in Worcester this Saturday, May 4, at 12 p.m. All extras will need to be dressed as Mexican thugs with gold chains, white tank tops, bandanas, collared shirts top button buttoned, high white sox, sunglasses, etc. (you must come dressed up.)   The filmmakers need the angry mob of Mexicans to run over a hill after the 3 main actors in the skit, the shoot will take no more than an hour.

All extras will be credited, which will be listed on IMDB.com.  If you are under the age of 18, they will need a parent present to sign a release form. The P.U.S.S.Y. Committee is a R-rated comedy short film.  

This is also an unpaid gig, but the filmmakers promise that it will be a blast! They will be meeting at the Green Hill Parkway entrance off of Lincoln Street.  This is considered the back entrance of Green Hill Park once you enter there will be a little parking lot on your left.  You will see a bright yellow Scion XB, you can’t miss it. Any questions or problems, email ryan@fatfootfilms.com.

For more information on The P.U.S.S.Y. Committee click here.

Author Appearing at Used Book Superstore

dale_image_ebookAuthor Dale T. Phillips will be appearing this Saturday (May 4) at the Used Book Superstore in Burlington, Massachusetts from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Superstore is located at 256 Cambridge Street in Burlington. The phone number is (781) 272-6657.

Check out his website for more information about him and his work.

Author Donating Story Sales to Brain Cancer Research

68d36afb2fcfda3ae627830b8e3ce9a5cfc6e322Author F.R. Michaels is donating the sales of his short story, “Pale Pink Walls and White Furniture,” to brain cancer research. It was published on April 26 and is available for $0.99 on Smashwords, which gives this description of the story a “man awakens to a series of disturbing disjointed illusions, revealing, piece by piece, a hideous truth that will blur the lines between consciousness and oblivion, sanity and madness, and life and death.”

Click here if you want to purchase the story from Smashwords or here from Amazon.



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I created Jason Harris Promotions because I believe in promoting people, events, and other things and getting the word out. It’s tough out there and getting tougher to get noticed. There are so many things drawing people’s attention. Let me help you get the word out about your book, convention, craft fair, business, or anything else you want the world to know about. Contact me at jasonharrispromotions@gmail.com and let me help you.

Ghosts of the Past

Ghosts of the Past

The Lizzie Borden House Investigation

By Dave Cassenti

It’s a rhyme that many kids my age know from their childhood, especially if they jumped rope.

Lizzie Borden took an axe

And gave her mother 40 whacks

And when she saw what she had done

She gave her father 41.

The double murder of Lizzie Borden’s stepmother and father in 1892 was a huge story at the time, and if any house could be haunted, than SURELY it is the Borden house where the murder occurred 121 years ago, and there are a number of reports that the house IS haunted by Abby and Andrew Borden as well as numerous other ghosts, including children that were supposedly drowned in a well in the yard prior to the Borden family living in the home. This home was also one of the many paranormal locations that I was privileged to investigate with my students in December 2007, and the only one we were able to stay overnight in.

I had been teaching a class called Scientific Paranormal Research for about three years, and the TV show Ghost Hunters was popular on TV. The Lizzie Borden House had become a bed & breakfast a number of years previously, and I was interested in investigating it … Well, to be honest, I just wanted to STAY there, but my wife is squeamish, and so I had no chance. However, I had been looking for local places to investigate, and being in Fall River, MA, the house was an easy drive from our East Haddam school, and my class budget could handle a couple of rooms for one night. So, we booked the rooms in the most haunted locations available, gathered our equipment, and got underway.

After arriving at the house, we unpacked our gear, and the students were escorted to their rooms to unpack. I met with the owner and asked some of our standard questions about the house and any experiences that people have had. When the students returned to the parlor, we were taken on a tour of the home and the “hot spots” for activity. At this point, the kids were getting excited about the prospect of getting something on video or audio. The previous year, we had been to a number of supposedly haunted locations, a mansion in North Adams, MA., and a number of Civil War sites in PA, MD, WV, VA and DC, with NOTHING to show for it. At least, nothing that couldn’t be explained. But here we were in a place where a gruesome double ax murder had taken place and it was supposedly VERY haunted. We were SURE to get something!

That night, we had a séance in the parlor led by a psychic. This psychic started the séance with the statement, “We might not get anything since spirits don’t like to get ‘caught,’ so don’t be disappointed if nothing happens.” Immediately, it was apparent to me, as well as a few students, that she wasn’t a good psychic and was hedging her bets. This assessment was later verified when she couldn’t ‘sense’ the child spirits around my feet for a good 20-25 minutes after my feet got so cold they became numb. She only ‘saw’ them after I put my hand down near my feet to feel what could explain the cold temperatures (it turned out to be moving air coming from the vent in the floor). Later, during an EVP session my kids & I were running in the basement (another hot spot), the psychic ‘sensed a spirit moving around’ when she heard something in the basement. I had also heard it and, in tracing the source of the sound to the furnace, heard the furnace fire up after pulling oil into it so it could start. Needless to say, the ‘ghost’ was a 15-year-old oil furnace.

That night, the students used a Ouija board and ‘spoke’ to the spirits. However, once again, simpler explanations were often found for what occurred, and the postulate of Occam’s Razor (when multiple hypotheses exist, it is usually the simplest one that is most correct) held that the events were not paranormal. After that, everyone retired to their own rooms. So far, cameras and audio recorders had been going in all rooms, and these continued throughout the night.

In the morning, we had Johnny Cakes for breakfast, the same meal that the Borden family had on their last morning, and then packed up and went home. The next day, we began reviewing the hours of video and audio to find…


About the author:

Along with being a math and science teacher who has always had an interest in world religions, psychology, parapsychology, the supernatural and the paranormal. David Cassenti has taught high school classes about ghost hunting, vampires, demonology, and all sorts of strange and weird topics. David lives in Moodus, CT with his wife, Lisa, his kids, Sarah and Matthew, his dog, Leo, his cat, Ace, and all sorts of scaly creatures! He is also the author of For the Blood of the Lamb, which can be purchased in paperback or as an e-book on Amazon or you can buy a signed copy from Books & Boos in Colchester, CT.

Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ Coming to Blu-Ray for the First Time

The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition

Splashes Its Ways Into Homes For The Very First Time In Blu-ray™ Hi-Def

With New Breathtaking Picture and Sound Restoration

Film Synopsis: 

Ariel (voiced by Jodi Benson), is a free-spirited mermaid, who is off on the adventure of a lifetime with her best friend, the adorable Flounder (voiced by Jason Marin), and the reggae-singing Caribbean crab Sebastian (voiced by Samuel E. Wright) at her side. But it will take all of her courage and determination to make her dreams come true—and save her father’s beloved kingdom from the sneaky sea witch Ursula (voiced by Pat Carroll).

Voice Talent:                                

Jodi Benson (Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3) as Ariel
Samuel E. Wright (The Lion King Broadway Show) as Sebastian
Jason Marin (Back to the Future) as Flounder
Pat Carroll (Laverne and Shirley) as Ursula
Buddy Hackett (The Music Man) as Scuttle
Christopher Daniel Barnes (The Brady Bunch Movie) as Eric
Kenneth Mars (Young Frankenstein) as Triton
Ben Wright (The Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians) as Grimsby
Paddi Edwards (Hercules) as Flotsam and Jetsam
Edie McClurg (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) as Carlotta the maid
Will Ryan (The Land Before Time) as Harold the Seahorse
Rene Auberjonois (The Patriot) as Chef Louis


John Musker (Aladdin)
Ron Clements (Aladdin)


John Musker (Aladdin)
Howard Ashman (Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast)
Maureen Donley (Anastasia)


John Musker (Aladdin)
Ron Clements (Aladdin)
Irene Mecchi (Brave, The Lion King)

Release Date:

October 1, 2013

Bonus Features:          

All-New Music Video

@ Disney Animation

Disney Intermission

Deleted Character

The Real Little Mermaid: Live Action Reference Model

Part of Her World: Jodi Benson’s Voyage To New Fantasyland

Howard’s Lecture

Classic DVD Bonus Features

Suggested Retail Pricing:

3-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + Music Download) = $49.99 U.S./$56.99 Canada

2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack with Digital Copy (Blu-ray + DVD/ Digital Copy) = $44.99 U.S./$47.99 Canada

2-Disc  Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD) = $39.99 U.S./$42.99 Canada

Feature Run Time:

Approximately 83 minutes


G in U.S. & Canada (Bonus materials are not rated)

Aspect Ratio:

1.78:1 formatted for 16×9 TV screens


Blu-ray: 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio (English); Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound (French and Spanish)


English, French and Spanish


English SDH, French and Spanish

To learn more visit:

Our Facebook page @ www.Facebook.com/DisneyTheLittleMermaid

Follow us on Twitter at @DisneyPictures / #LittleMermaid

View videos at http://www.youtube.com/DisneyMovies

‘After Earth’ Comes to Life in Google Plus Hangout Discussion

Top Thinkers Including Google’s Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk,

Alexandra Cousteau, and NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams

Join After Earth Stars Jaden Smith and Will Smith

to Talk About Science, Technology, Innovation and the Future

in “After Earth Day” Discussion Tomorrow, April 23

In advance of the nationwide release of After Earth, the highly anticipated film in theaters May 31, Columbia Pictures is teaming up with Google for a live “After Earth Day” Google Plus Hangout tomorrow, April 23 – the day after Earth Day. The Google Plus Hangout brings together some of the world’s most renowned thinkers, inventors, authors, and futurists to discuss the film’s themes and the future of our planet.

The After Earth Day Google Plus Hangout will be moderated by futurist Ray Kurzweil, Google’s director of engineering.  Joining Kurzweil will be Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and the co-founder of Tesla Motors and PayPal; the environmental advocate, explorer and filmmaker Alexandra Cousteau, granddaughter of Jacques-Yves Cousteau; NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, an Indian American astronaut and a United States Navy officer who holds the record for longest space flight by a woman; and Jaden Smith and Will Smith, the stars of After Earth. On the literal day after Earth Day, they will discuss the future that awaits the human race on Planet Earth, in the context of the overall themes of the action-adventure. After Earth will inspire a conversation focusing on the important questions we face about the present state of the planet, the future, and the environment.  The participants will also explore the interaction of technology development, space travel, and ecological preservation.

The Google Plus Hangout will take place tomorrow, April 23, at 12 noon Eastern / 9 a.m. Pacific.  Moviegoers can tune in to the live Google Plus Hangout at YouTube.com/AfterEarth, as well as Google.com/+AfterEarth where fans are invited to submit their questions for a chance to have them answered by the panelists.

The embed code for the event is: http://www.youtube.com/embed/RocpHuJWolc

For additional updates, go to Facebook.com/AfterEarth and join in on the conversation online using #AfterEarth.

In After Earth, a crash landing leaves teenager Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) and his legendary father Cypher (Will Smith) stranded on Earth 1,000 years after cataclysmic events forced humanity’s escape. With Cypher critically injured, Kitai must embark on a perilous journey to signal for help, facing uncharted terrain, evolved animal species that now rule the planet, and an unstoppable alien creature that escaped during the crash. Father and son must learn to work together and trust one another if they want any chance of returning home.

Columbia Pictures presents an Overbrook Entertainment/Blinding Edge Pictures production directed by M. Night Shyamalan from a screenplay by Gary Whitta and M. Night Shyamalan and a story by Will Smith, and produced by Caleeb Pinkett, Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith, James Lassiter, and M. Night Shyamalan.

Review: ‘The Lords of Salem’

Hello there, readers and writers of Horror, and watchers of horror movies. Well, watchers of movies in general. My name is Rob Smales, and this is my first ever movie review. Never even tried one before. Jason, the webmaster of the NEHW website, asked me for one, though, so I’m giving it a shot. If it sucks, don’t blame me, blame him.

Or better yet, blame Rob Zombie.

This is a review of Zombie’s new movie The Lords of Salem, from Alliance Films. Before I go off on  a rant here, I should probably tell you what kind of Horror movies I like — if  you don’t agree with my taste then you probably won’t agree with my review and can stop reading right now.Lords of Salem


Friday the 13th (original, great!), Halloween (original, brilliant!), A Nightmare on Elm Street (original, I had to buy new pants!), Let the Right One In (the Swedish version, wonderfully creepy, fantastic idea!), The Woman in Black (Slow suspenseful build to get you looking over your shoulder — and THEN it gets scary!), The Ring (Still freaks me out), The Shining, The Birds, Psycho (the original), and the list goes on …

So, as you can probably see I like a touch of psychological horror over the Spatterfest. I also live in  Salem, Massachusetts, which is the setting for Zombie’s movie. A horror movie set in Salem? Should be a win-win for me, right?

Oh, one final thing. This review is going to contain spoilers, basically because I don’t know how to do it  without them. In fact, it’s going to be one big spoiler because I can tell you  in a couple of paragraphs what it took Rob Zombie one hour and forty-one minutes to tell me. Those who want to go out and experience the genius that is Rob Zombie first-hand, with no warnings or foreknowledge, there’s the door; we’ll catch you in the flip side. But hold on to the review — you can always watch the movie first, then come back and read the review later.

Alright, where to start …

This is the story of a nice little heroin addicted rock-n-roll DJ (played by Sheri Moon Zombie — wait, the  writer/director cast his wife in the starring role? Whew, no red flags here!) who works the night shift. One day she receives a box at the station containing  an unsolicited record with no title, just a note saying it is a gift from ‘The Lords’. She plays the record, the music doing something strange and mystical to  her and starting her down the path to possession by the Dark Lord Satan. Without her knowledge, of course. She’s guided on this path, again without her knowledge, by the spirit of a witch who was burned in Salem way back in the 1600s. She and her partners at the station play the record on the air where  (surprise, surprise) it’s a hit even though it sounds a bit like blocked pipes.  In a bull moose. Who has cramps. Once The Lords have a hit on their hands they  send another box to the station, this one containing free tickets, records and  posters so the station can host a local show for The Lords, which they do, even  though they have no contract and have never talked to, nor even seen, The Lords … because that’s just how things are done in the real world, right?

Anyway, the concert begins,  the music somehow being performed by the coven of witches that burned alongside  the witch who has been haunting Heidi, our leading lady. The coven has  apparently been summoned by Heidi’s landlady and two women she claims are her  sisters. The whole thing culminates in Heidi giving birth to a … uh .. a thing that looks a  bit like a Jumbo Shrimp that’s gotten into former Governator Schwarzenegger’s steroid stash.

Okay. Pros:

Though the film starts off somewhat cheesy, with a prologue set in the 1600s filled with naked dancing  witches, it slips almost effortlessly into modern day Salem and a naked DJ. As a  Salem native it was kind of neat to see things and places that I pass by on a daily basis in the film, and I have to admit the acting was not terrible. Okay, not too terrible.

The middle of the story, the haunting portion of our program, was actually pretty good. There was some nice camera work, a terrific dose of creepiness, a good build-up of suspense,  and even a couple of little “boo” moments where there were audible gasps from the audience.

Here, I thought, he saved it! All he has to do is build things in this vein and he might be able to make an impressive recovery!


The last third of the film. Seriously, after making this creepy comeback within the movie you are somewhat unprepared when Zombie drives the plot right off the rails into an almost violent shift from scary and serious to something so over-the-top it actually becomes funny. Rather than trying to make any sense of what happens, I’ll simply list off some of what I consider the low points of the film, most of which happen in the later third of the action

  • The name of the film, The Lords of Salem.

The witches in the film were named “The Lords” way back in colonial Salem by the man who was trying to root them out … because it is only natural that someone would have referred to a group of women by such a masculine name, what with the Puritains being so open and fun-loving about things like gender.

  • Thanksgiving Day Satan.

When I think of Satan, The Father of Lies, The Prince of Darkness, the fallen Angel the Hebrews named “the Enemy,” I don’t think I have ever, ever, thought of a four-foot tall, succulent, crispy-skinned, juicy, cooked turkey with a vaguely human head. Apparently Rob Zombie does. I’m sorry, Mr. Zombie, no disrespect intended, but do you honestly think the Lord of All Evil should make the audience suddenly crave mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce? What was undoubtedly supposed to be a terrifying set of scenes really only made me hungry … and aware that it’s seven months ‘til Thanksgiving. Thanks. Thanks a lot … but, damn it, that Satan looked tasty!

  • Demonic Clergy masturbating day-glow strap-ons.

Okay …   this is a weird one. Faceless people strike me as creepy right off the bat —  the Terrible Trivium from “The Phantom Tollbooth” gave me nightmares as a kid. Faceless clergy in Hell … yes, creepy, and potentially scary depending on what they’re doing. This started out as a good idea, I think, but when what you have them doing is sitting in a group and facelessly beating the bishop (har-har) and the weasels they’re whipping happen to be somewhat floppy rubber penises in all the colors of the day-glow rainbow, well then what you get is an entire theater full of people all bursting out in laughter at the same time. That’s what you get, trust me. I was there and that’s what we did. Hell, I’m chuckling right now just thinking about it.

  • Where was the destruction of the World/Salem/Whatever at the end of the flick?

After all the threatening and posturing, after going through what was supposedly a terrible ordeal (aside from Turkey Satan and the Attack of the Day-Glow Dildos, of course) … nothing happens. There is no fire, there is no brimstone, there is  no destruction. Even Heidi seems to be happy at the end, suggesting the existence of some sort of Rohypnol of Evil. I want my destruction!

  • Naked women.

I  know, when was the last time you heard a guy complain about women taking their clothes off, right? Well, for me it was last Wednesday while I was watching this movie. When the DJ sleeps, she’s naked. Whenever there is  witchcraft they get naked. The ghost haunting the DJ is naked. The women who   hear the constipated moose music get naked. According to this movie every woman in Salem is just naked, naked, naked. I grew up here in Salem. I was a teen-ager in Salem. If there was some odd community of women who would just peel off whenever they heard a drum-beat then I’m pretty sure teenaged me, also known as The Human Hormone, would have found them and developed a one-man-band act so good it would have kicked the ass right off anything you see on American Idol today! All in all, it was more than a bit much. When,   toward the end of the movie, a group of women start shedding clothes and the 20-ish guy a couple of seats down from me shouts “Oh, come on!,” then Mr. Zombie, my friend, you’re doing it wrong.

Overall  Opinion:

The thing that annoys me about this film is that the middle portion is so comparatively good. It’s not  great, but it’s really pretty good. It’s like Rob Zombie was just showing us he could do it so we’d be more disappointed when he didn’t. What he did instead was make a film that’s going to be different things to different people.

If you’re a serious Horror movie buff who isn’t happy unless you’re having the pants scared off you, you might want to give this one a pass. The laughter at the end will only annoy you.

If you like the gore-fest,  then a lot of this movie will seem slow to you. There are a couple of nasty  scenes (it’s like Rob Zombie just couldn’t help himself) that try to make it up to you, but it probably won’t really be enough.

If you like the suspenseful  thriller, then this is almost for you… but winds up  being more of a tease than anything else. You’ll walk out of the theater bemoaning all that the film could have been.

If, however, you’re someone who occasionally likes to watch a movie just to make fun of it, as I sometimes  do, then we have your Golden Ticket right here.

There. My first movie review. Did you actually read this far? Did you laugh at the stuff up there? If you did, then this movie might be for you.

Okay. I’m going to go read up on how to actually write a movie review and see just how far from the norm I got with this one.

Until next time.