Publisher Delves into Family History

Publisher Delves into Family History

by Jason Harris

Recently, I had the good fortune to meet Jim Dyer, who started Fenham Publishing, a small independent publishing house, located in Narragansett. Dyer is the grandson of author C.M. Eddy, Jr.

Dyer got the idea about publishing his grandfather’s collections after going through his grandparent’s papers and manuscripts. According to the website, he chose some selections as a basis for the titles produced thus far.

Dyer wanted to produce a cohesive collection of their works, he said.

“Many of my grandfather’s short stories have been included in some anthologies through the years, but they had never been collected together in book form,” Dyer said.

When his grandparents passed away, their papers, letters, and manuscripts were put into storage. Dyer periodically went through them and made inquires to some small publishing companies, he said.

“There was quite a bit of interest from all the publishers in putting together some collections of my grandfather’s stories, and after further discussions I decided I could take my grandparent’s works, edit, design and develop them into book form.”

By creating Fenham in 2000, it allowed Dyer the control to make the collections look and feel the way he wanted them to, along with managing the quality. He was able to get all of the details the way he envisioned them, he said.

So far, Fenham has published these works by his grandparents: The Loved Dead and Other Tales, Exit into Eternity: Tales of the Bizarre and Supernatural, and The Gentleman from Angell Street: Memories of H.P. Lovecraft by Eddy, Jr. and Muriel E. Eddy, his wife. All three of these books can be found at

The collection, Exit into Eternity, was originally published in hardcover in the 1970s by Dyer’s aunt and mother in a very limited edition, so when he started Fenham Publishing he reprinted the edition in a trade paperback, he said. He then published the other collections.

“I have many more short stories that I am currently going through to assemble into more editions.”

According to a 1963 Providence Evening Bulletin article, Eddy knew and worked with Houdini and H.P. Lovecraft. He was one of Houdini’s ghost writers along with Lovecraft. This article also states that Eddy’s wife typed up Lovecraft’s manuscripts.

His grandmother had written quite a few essays and remembrances of H.P. Lovecraft throughout the years for various magazines, newspapers, fanzines and books, he said.

“Many people wanted her to give her personal memories and view of Lovecraft, as she knew him as a friend,” Dyer said.

Muriel E. Eddy was also a poet and author. She wrote short stories in the thriller, romance and mystery genres, Dyer said. Her stories were in various publications such as Midnight Magazine, Scarlet Adventuress, Personal Adventure Stories and Complete Detective Novel Magazine. Many of her poems have been published in newspapers through the years such as The Attleboro Sun, The Norwich Bulletin, Boston Daily Record, Philadelphia Inquirer and The Providence Journal/Bulletin, Dyer said. Her poetry
has been included in some anthologies and small press collections, he added.

Fenham Publishing titles are distributed by Baker & Taylor, and are available at your favorite local bookstore as well as the major online retailers.

The Epitaph #28 (Jan. 2013)

Issue #28 (Jan. 2013)

The Epitaph

The Journal of the New England Horror Writers (NEHW)

The NEHW Board of Directors:

Stacey Longo – Chairperson
Dan Keohane – Treasurer
Jason Harris – Director of Publicity/Webmaster
K. Allen Wood – Director of Publications
Scott Goudsward – Director of Events
David Price – Board Member
Rob Watts – Board Member


Queen City Kamikaze

The NEHW will have some tables at this convention on Saturday, Feb. 16, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no cost to participate. Email Jason Harris at if you would like to participate. Check out the convention’s website,

Heritage Craft Fair

The NEHW will be at the indoor Heritage Craft Fair from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on March 23. It’s located at the Keefe Technical School, 750 Winter Street in Framingham, MA. Contact Scott Goudsward at if you want to participate.


The second NEHW Anthology will be open for submissions January 1! The anthology will be edited by Stacey Longo and Ken Wood.
We’re looking for high quality dark fiction short stories. A flat fee of $50.00 will be paid per story upon publication.

Submission Guidelines: 12 pt Courier or Times New Roman, double-spaced. .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt formats acceptable. 5,000 word limit.

Please follow steps on submission site.

Submit here:

Deadline to submit is March 31, 2013.


From KL Pereira:

Pereira recently sold a speculative poem to Mythic Delirium and a horror flash piece to Innsmouth Free Press. Under her pen name, she published Hunger with Go Deeper Press (a deliciously dark story) and her short story, “Our Courtship, Our Romance”, a tale of deviance, yearning, and serial killers appears alongside Bracken MacLeod’s “Some Other Time” in Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women also by Go Deeper Press. She blogs lusty shadows under her pen name here.

From Peter N. Dudar:

Dudar is pleased to report he will be releasing the following works in 2013:
A story, “A Taste of Green Voodoo Healing,” will appear in Nightscapes, Volume 1 (release date: Feb. 26)
A story, “The Three Billygoats Sothoth,” will appear in Once Upon An Apocalypse, Volume 2 (release date: TBD)
A novella, The Angel of Death, will be released by Nightscape Press.
A novella, Blood Cult of the Booby Farmers, will be released by Novello Publishers.
A novella and collection, Dolly and Other Stories, will be released by Evil Jester Press.

From Patrick Rahall:

Rahall has been added on as a staff writer for and has published articles on the Winchester Mystery House and one on haunted toys titled “Demonic Dolls and Possessed Playthings.”

From J.P. Freeman:

Freeman’s story, “The Anniversary,” is out now on Kindle .

From Deb Eskie:

Eskie’s “A Normal Son” is featured in Cruentus Libri Press’ Suffer the Little Children, which is now available on Amazon.

From Erin Thorne:

Thorne has two reading/signing events in February:

On Saturday, Feb. 9th from 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M., she will be signing copies of Behind The Wheel at the Jave Jive Cafe, located at 283 Route 169 in Woodstock, CT.

She will be at Books & Boos on Saturday, Feb. 23rd from 1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M., for a reading/signing of Behind The Wheel.

(She’s looking forward to the latter event; it’s actually going to be her first reading from the new book.)

From Rob Smales:

Rob’s short story, “Photo Finish,” won Best Horror Short Story in the Preditors&Editors 2012 Readers Poll. The book it was published in, The Ghost IS The Machine, from Post Mortem Press, also won Best Anthology for 2012.
The same story, “Photo Finish,” was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Information on the Pushcart Prize can be found at
Congratulations to all other NEHW members whose work has been nominated. Good luck to all!
Rob’s flash fiction story, Marylin, has been featured on the Dark Dreams podcast, read by the author. It can be found at
Dark Moon Books recently contacted Rob for permission to re-release his story, “Finders Keepers,” in The Best of Dark Eclipse, a supersized issue of the Dark Eclipse e-zine that should be available in February from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
The Roundtable Podcast (, a Parsec Award nominated show where the two hosts (Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey) and their “Guest Host” workshop a “Guest Writer’s” story idea live in a no-holds-barred discussion, has contacted Rob with the informaton that his episode (as Guest Writer) will be Guest Hosted by none other than Joe McKinney. Rob has received the pre-show information packet, and is preparing for an April recording date.

From Eric Dimbleby:

Dimbleby’s short story, “The House That Wept Puddin,” has been published in the new anthology, Arcane 2, edited by Nathan Shumate and published by Cold Fusion Media.
His third novel, The Klinik, is also available in e-format and print format from Damnation Books. For more information, please visit or

From E.F. Schraeder:

Schraeder’s poetry chapbook, The Hunger Tree, was a semifinalist at Finishing Line Press in the New Women’s Voices series, and is anticipated for release this summer.

From Dale T. Phillips:

Dale will be taking part as one of the authors in a meet and greet at the Tyngsboro, MA library on Monday, Feb. 25, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. There will be refreshments, prizes, and more.
Local authors will discuss and sign their books and talk about the Monday evening Writers’ Group.

Dale is also doing a signing/reading with Vlad Vaslyn at NEHW’s favorite bookstore, Books and Boos, on Saturday, April 27, at 2:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Dale has another reading/signing at the Used Book Superstore at 256 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA, on Saturday, May 4 at 11 a.m.

For more info on these and other appearances and releases, check out his website,

From John Grover:

Grover is proud to announce the release of his first solo novel, Let’s Play in the Garden. This young adult/adult horror tale is available on Kindle and Nook. For more information or to purchase it: or

For those who may read a bit of dark fantasy with lot’s of monsters, magic
and the undead, Grover’s Possessing the Grimstone has also just gone live
for Kindle and Nook. Check it out here: or

Grover recently released a variety of previously published short horror stories
for those who might like a few samples. You can check out all his recent
releases at his Amazon page:

From Vlad Vaslyn:

Vaslyn will be at Books and Boos on Saturday, April 27 at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The bookstore is located at 514 Westchester Road in Colchester, CT. He will be reading from Brachman’s Underworld and Yorick. Samples of his work can be found at

From Thomas DAgostino:

The new book Arlene and Thomas are writing explores the legends of New England and in some cases revealing the actual truths behind the myths. Others delve deeper into the legend than most have. The book, New England Legends, Lore and Secrets, is due out this fall.


Tim Morgan (NH)
A.J. O’Connell (CT)
Josiah Pitchforth (ME)
David Cassenti (CT)

– Jason Harris, Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW
– Stacey Longo, Assistant Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW

Watch and Film Your Reaction to the ‘Evil Dead’ Trailer

Screen Gems has come up with something fun for people to do while watching the online red band trailer for the remake of the Evil Dead movie arriving in theaters this coming April.

You can record your reaction via webcam while you watch the trailer then you can post it on Youtube for the world to see. If you don’t want or can’t film yourself, you can still watch the trailer.

You can see the videos all over Youtube. Here is the URL:

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ to Release Early


Marking a Disney first, Wreck-It Ralph Released with an Early Debut of the

HD Digital and HD Digital 3D Versions – Available for Purchase on February 12, 2013

Followed by the Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray 3D™, DVD, SD Digital and

On-Demand Debuts March 5, 2013


Burbank, Calif., January 3, 2013 – Walt Disney Animation Studios announces the debut of the hit arcade-game-hopping adventure Wreck-It Ralph marking a Disney first with the early release of the HD Digital and HD Digital 3D on February 12, 2013, followed by the 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack, 2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, SD Digital and On-Demand release on March 5, 2013.

From Walt Disney Animation Studios, Wreck-It Ralph takes viewers on a hilarious journey.  For decades, Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) has played the bad guy in his popular video game. In a bold move, he embarks on an action-packed adventure and sets out to prove to everyone that he is a true hero with a big heart. As he explores exciting new worlds, he teams up with some unlikely new friends including feisty misfit Vanellope von Schweetz (voice of Sarah Silverman). The film is directed by Emmy®-winner Rich Moore.

Featuring an all-star voice cast including Jack McBrayer as the voice of Fix It Felix, Jr. and Jane Lynch as the voice of Sgt. Calhoun, plus breakthrough bonus features that take viewers even deeper into the world of video games, Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” has something for every player. Over an hour of all-new bonus material is featured on the Digital and Blu-ray Combo Pack, including deleted and alternate scenes, the theatrical short “Paperman,” plus much more. 

The home entertainment debut of “Wreck-It Ralph” will be available in multiple ways, containing exciting all-new bonus features that extend the fun-filled movie experience.


Bonus Materials Overview for These Products:

HD Digital

SD Digital

4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray +DVD + Digital Copy)

2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray +DVD)



  • Bit by Bit: Creating the Worlds of “Wreck-It Ralph” – Fans of the film will get a look at five new worlds created for “Wreck-It Ralph.” The short takes viewers into Game Central Station with the artists who brought Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty and Fix It Felix Jr. to life.


  • Alternate & Deleted Scenes – Four separate scenes are highlighted with an introduction and optional audio commentary from director Rich Moore.


  • Video Game Commercials Viewers can check out the commercials created for the video games featured in the film – Fix It Felix Jr., Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty and Fix It Felix Hammer.


  • “Paperman” – This animated short film played in theaters before “Wreck It Ralph.” It tells the story of a young man in an office who sees the girl of his dreams in a skyscraper window across the street. But how can he get her attention?


Blu-ray Exclusive Bonus Materials



  • Disney Intermission: The Gamer’s Guide to “Wreck-It-Ralph” – When the film is paused, host Chris Hardwick appears on screen to guide viewers through a series of 10 video segments offering an inside look at the many video game references, Disney references and other hidden surprises featured in the film.

Stay connected with the latest news and information about “Wreck It Ralph”:


Amazon Kindle’s Censorship Policies

Amazon Kindle’s Censorship Policies

by David L. Tamarin

With the advent of e-readers like the Amazon Kindle and the ability of individuals to ‘self-publish’, many people have been talking about a ‘revolution’ in publishing. Supposedly, independent authors with difficulties getting published by traditional publishers can now use Amazon Kindle to self-publish their stories or books and sell them directly to the people, without the middleman of a publisher.

Unfortunately, this is not a real revolution because of Amazon Kindle’s policies regarding what they will publish. While they publish a lot of fetish pornography, including incest porn, and even have e-books containing scanned pornographic images. they recently told me that they would not publish my horror short story, “What Did You Do To The Children?” due to content violations- namely that the story is pornographic and/or contains inappropriate content.

I’m a successful non-fiction author, a regular contributor to Girls and Corpses and the website I have also been published in Rue Morgue magazine, Scars, Verbicide,, The Independent, Serial Killer magazine, Six Word Memoirs of Love and Heartbreak anthology, Butcher Knives and Body Counts (essays on slasher films),, Red Scream, and dozens of other magazines, websites and anthologies.

My fiction is potentially offensive, and has caused me problems throughout my career. I’ve been at the center of multiple controversies surrounding the content of his writing. Because of frustration with traditional publishers, I decided to release my stories on Amazon Kindle, but immediately encountered a problem when three consecutive companies that format books for Kindle for a fee decided they would not format my first Kindle book because of the extreme and offensive content. Since then, that particular story was accepted into an anthology, and published, and I learned to format stories for myself. Now I face my newest adversary to being published: Amazon. They have stated it will not publish the my story, nor will it provide the specifics of why it made its opinion. I have appealed to Amazon, asking them to reconsider their decision, and on December 30, 2012, they affirmed their decision that they would not publish the story.

I’m exploring other publishing opportunities.

Papa Necon (Please Read)

This was written by Christopher Golden for the Necon E-books website.

Dear Necon Community,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we write to you today to ask for your prayers, good thoughts, and positive energy for our Papa Necon, Bob Booth. As some of you may have heard, Bob came down with bronchitis in November. He was sent for a chest x-ray and it came back showing a shadow that the doctor didn’t like. Further tests revealed spots on his lung and lesions on his liver, which led to still further tests. He has been diagnosed with stage four extensive small cell lung cancer and stage four liver cancer. The doctors also believe that it has spread to his bones, and he is undergoing further testing to discover if it has reached his brain. Early next week, when all of the results are in, decisions will be made regarding the wisdom and usefulness of chemotherapy and other treatments, but it must be said that options are limited.

Over the more than thirty years since Necon’s founding, it has become ever clearer that Necon is more than a convention. It has been called summer camp, but always feels like more of a family reunion, and our Necon family grows and changes with every passing year, spreading further and adding new members. Bob has been the center of that family–truly Papa Necon–since the very first day, and it is one of his greatest pleasures. We trust that many of you will want to send Bob your thoughts, kind words, and well wishes, and we gratefully encourage you to do so. Prayers and positive energy are powerful and would be deeply appreciated by all of us.

Cards and letters can be sent directly to Bob at home. Bob Booth, 67 Birchland Ave Pawtucket, Ri 02860. If you’d like to send e-mails and want to be sure they reach him, the best way is to send them to Sara, and she will see that he receives them. Her e-mail is

Thank you for your kindness, past, present, and future.


The Necon Family

Bob and Mary Booth.  Photo by Jason Harris.

Bob and Mary Booth. Photo by Jason Harris.

Many NEHW members know Bob Booth and are sadden by the news mentioned above. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Author Publishes Rock ‘N’ Roll Vampire novel

Damnation Books recently published author Rose Mambert’s debut rock ‘n’ roll vampire novel, The Muses.9781615728220

According to Amazon, the book entails, “sex, blood, and rock n’ roll. When indie rock journalist, Nick Landry pursues the elusive singer of The Muses, a mysterious woman known only as Blue, he eventually uncovers the band’s dark secret: they are vampires. Recent fame, however, leads to other complications for the band. Dimitri, an ancient vampire from guitarist Christian’s past, returns to “play the game” again. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a new vampire hunter in town-hell bent on revenge. In the final showdown, who will emerge from the battle undead?”

The book is available for $14.99 at Amazon by clicking here or as an e-book for $5.95 by clicking here.

For more information about the author, check out her website by clicking here.

The Epitaph #27 (Dec. 2012)

Issue #27 (Dec. 2012)

The Epitaph

Journal of the New England Horror Writers (NEHW)

The NEHW Board of Directors:

Tracy L. Carbone – Co-Chair
Stacey Longo – Co-Chair
Dan Keohane – Treasurer
Jason Harris – Director of Publicity/Webmaster
K. Allen Wood – Director of Publications
Scott Goudsward – Director of Events
David Price – Board Member
Tim Deal (alternate)
T.J. May (alternate)


Queen City Kamikaze

The NEHW will have some tables at this convention on Saturday, Feb. 16, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no cost to participate. Email Jason Harris at if you would like to participate. Check out the conventions website,


The second NEHW Anthology will be open for submissions January 1! The anthology will be edited by Stacey Longo and Ken Wood.
We’re looking for high quality dark fiction short stories. A flat fee of $50.00 will be paid per story upon publication.

Submission Guidelines: 12 pt Courier or Times New Roman, double-spaced. .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt formats acceptable. 5,000 word limit.

Please follow steps on submission site.

Submit here:

Deadline to submit is March 31, 2013. 


From David L. Tamarin:

 My flash fiction story, “We Can All Be Art,” was accepted into Daily Frights 2013: 365 Days of Frightening Flash Fiction.

My story, “Hurting My Toys,” was published by No Boundaries Press in an anthology of ‘splatterpunk’ stories, Splattered, that is available as a Kindle ebook.

My article on surgical atrocities and my interview with Michael Todd Schneider a.k.a. Mikey MagGot was published in the latest issue of the magazine Girls and Corpses.

My interview with horror star and fetish model Madelina Horne was published on
My essay on the films Maniac and Don’t Go In The House was published in the book, Butcher Knives and Body Counts, essays on slasher films featuring Jack Ketchum, Greg Lamberson and more. The book actually was published about a year ago, but I just found out when I received my copy and payment this month.
My interview with documentary director John Borowski, whose new film is about serial killer Carl Panzram, will be published in the next issue of Serial Killer magazine, along with my review of the film.
I released a story, “What Happens In The Attic,” on Amazon Kindle and it has gotten some publicity:
The latter article refers to some grammatical errors so I took the story down and fixed the errors and it has now gone back online.
I also released a short story collection on Kindle, a reprint of my 2006 e-book, Let Them Eat Snuff and I have an author page on Amazon:
In film news, I acted for the film Fraternitas, for which I am also executive producer. I played a drug dealer. I was also an extra on the made for television film, The Makeover, with Julia Stiles.

From K.H. Vaughan:

Vaughan’s story, “Donkeyskin,” has been accepted for the anthology, Once Upon An Apocalypse Vol 2: Fairy Tales Meet Cthulhu.

From Erin Thorne:

I will be signing copies of my latest book, Behind The Wheel, on two dates in January:
Jan. 12 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Seek Books in West Roxbury, MA.
Jan. 26 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Tatnuck Bookseller in Westborough, MA.

From Dave Goudsward:

My Chicago gangsters/Dunwich Horror short story “The Doom That Came to Al Capone” is in the just-released anthology Mortis Operandi from Harrow Press.

My next book, H.P. Lovecraft in the Merrimack Valley, will be released by Hippocampus Press early next year. It’s is a study of Lovecraft’s visits to the Merrimack Valley and the region’s influences on his writings.

I will also have a short story in Once Upon an Apocalypse from Chaosium next year – “Little Maiden of the Sea,” where Hans Christian Anderson meets H.P. Lovecraft.

From R.E. Gofstein:

Gofstein saw her short piece, “Helping Hands,” accepted for the Anthocon Anthology 2012 and recently had “Dead Line” accepted for the Spencer Hill Press anthology, Doorways Through Extra Time, which is about a writer who needs time to make her deadlines – go figure!

From E. F. Schraeder:

E. F. Schraeder’s story, “The Commitment” appeared in the anthology The Creeps: Things That Get Under Your Skin or Go Bump in the Night, edited by Cinsearae S.

From Katherine Silva:

Silva, a new member of NEHW, has recently released the second book in her Monstrum Chronicles series, Aequitas. The proposed quintet is a mixture of supernatural horror and action adventure. Aequitas is a follow up to the first book, Vox, which debuted in 2010. Both books are available in paperback and Kindle versions and can be found at her author page on Amazon,

In addition to her release, Katherine has an upcoming book-signing at the Vose Library in Union, Maine on Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. The same week, she’ll be reading selections from The Monstrum Chronicles at Slainte Wine Bar and Lounge in Portland, Maine on Jan. 19 at 6 p.m.

She can be found online,, on Facebook,, and on Twitter,

From Dale T. Phillips:

Dale’s story, “Our Lady,” is in the newly released charity anthology, Nightfalls: Notes From the End of the World

His story, “Change of Attitude,” is now out at Over My Dead Body:

A Shadow on the Wall,” the third book in the Zack Taylor series, is due out in January, from Rosstrum Publishing.

From Kristi Petersen Schoonover:

Schoonover’s novel, Bad Apple, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. If you are familiar with the Pushcart, then you know it’s a tremendous achievement to even be nominated; if you’re not, you can take a look at the Pushcart website here to find out more,

Kristi would also like to congratulate fellow NEHW members whose short stories were nominated for Pushcarts and wishes everyone luck!

From Rose Mambert:

Damnation Books has recently published Mambert’s debut rock ‘n’ roll vampire novel, The Muses, which author Jeffrey Thomas calls “a tasty concoction indeed.” It is now available in both e-book and trade paperback format on Amazon and other places where books are sold. For more info you can visit her website at

From Inanna Arthen:

Arthen’s short story, “The Fishman and His Wife,” will appear in the anthology, Once Upon an Apocalypse Vol. 2 (edited by NEHW member Scott T. Goudsward and Rachel Kenley for Chaosium) in 2013.

She will be a program participant at Arisia ’13 (Jan 18-21 2013 at the Westin Boston Waterfront). She will be reading from her forthcoming novel, All the Shadows of the Rainbow (, and is moderating the Paganism 101 panel, as well as taking part in eight other panels.

Her small press, By Light Unseen Media, released two new titles by HWA members in December, 2012: Un-Dead TV: the Ultimate Guide to Vampire Television ( by Brad Middleton (Foreword by J. Gordon Melton), and Nocturnes in Purgatory (, the sequel to Krymsin Nocturnes by Joseph Armstead.



Wicker Stone (ME)
Nicholas Conley (NH)
Al Lamanda (ME)
Brian Cotnoir (MA)

– Jason Harris, Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW
– Stacey Longo, Assistant Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW