NEHW member on Paranormal State

NEHW member Stefan Petrucha on A&E’s Paranormal State!

Sunday October 17 at 9:30 PM on A&E author Stefan Petrucha made his first appearance on the hit series Paranormal State. The episode, They Come Out at Night was second in the back to back premiere of season 5. In addition to witnessing some amazing evidence, Stefan uncovered a possible explanation for the invisible forces tormenting a suburban family by delving into the folklore of the local Wampanoag tribe.
Over his 25 years as a professional writer, Stefan’s work has often reflected his lifelong fascination with the paranormal. His first original comic series, Meta-4 tackled such topics as UFO history and trance channeling, while his award-winning writing on the popular X-Files comic from Topps was one of the few comics to boast a bibliography. His latest novel, Blood Prophecy, combines vampires, the historical discovery of the Rosetta stone and ancient Gnostic myths. He’s been a researcher, educational and technical writer and has many fiction and non-books and articles to his credit.
Given Stefan’s background, when Paranormal State star Ryan Buell wanted a writing partner for his first book, HarperCollins was quick to suggest him. Intrigued by his resume, Ryan, an avid X-Files fan, gave him a call, and after that conversation decided to work with him. The result, Paranormal State: My Journey Into the Unknown, is now on sale, already in its second printing and enjoying rave reviews.
While working with Ryan on the book, Stefan was invited to watch last season’s “Ghosts of Gettysburg” investigation. He was immediately impressed with the PRS team’s integrity and good humor. Ryan since invited Stefan on this case, thinking his research skills could be put to good use. He’s now been along with the team on two additional investigations that will be appearing later this year, with plans afoot for more.
Be sure to catch They Come out at Night!

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