Raven Starr news

NEHW member Raven Starr has a horror short, The Drum being released today by Wicked Nights (http://wicked-night.co.cc/?page_id=200). Wicked Nights is a publisher of erotic, romantic and horror stories along with novels.

Her previous horror short, The Record Shop, was released on October 13 by the same publisher. According to the publisher’s website, they “love anything that takes [the reader] out of [their] world and into a fantasy like no other. No matter if they are to scare our readers or to bring their greatest fantasy to life.”

Wicked Nights is having a sale right now. Buy one, get $.99 off. If you buy one of the $.99 shorts, you will be getting a free book. All you have to do is use code: wickedoct.

Starr also had Vampire’s Embrace, an ebook published through Damnation Books (www.damnationbooks.com) on September 1. It is available in print through Amazon.

She also hosts a blogtalk radio show at www.blogtalkradio.com/oneworldonevoice
Check out her website www.ravenkstarr.com.

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