Revisiting what the NEHW is all about.

This blog was started almost a month ago and has steadily risen in hits per day. I thought it would be nice to revisit what the New England Horror Writers (NEHW) is all about.

Founded in 2001, New England Horror Writers (NEHW) provides peer support and networking, with a relaxed and social mindset, for authors of horror and dark fantasy in the New England area. NEHW focuses on forming new friendships and supporting each other’s writing goals, as well as promoting the writing of New England authors.
NEHW is primarily a writer’s organization, focusing on horror and dark fiction writers in all mediums (novels, short stories, screenplays, poetry, etc.) in the New England area. But we are also open to professional editors, illustrators, agents and publishers of horror and dark fiction in the region.
NEHW activities include book signings and group panel discussions at conventions, as well as purely social gatherings. With members ranging from Maine to Connecticut, NEHW events take place in varying locations, making it easier for different members to meet with each other.

Qualifications To Join New England Horror Writers (NEHW)

New England Horror Writers (NEHW) is open to all New England horror authors (novel, short story, screenplay, poetry) at all experience levels. Our members include full-time, mass market authors with decades of experience as well as unpublished newcomers. NEHW does not require specific publishing or payment qualifications to join, but actively encourages all members to strive for the highest professional levels of achievement. We do not charge any dues.
If you meet these qualifications, then click on to join NEHW.

Check out the New England Horror Writers’ website

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