NEHW Member’s Second Film Shown at Historic Venue

Earlier this month, writer-director and NEHW member Nathan Wrann, had his second film, Burning Inside shown at the historic Thomaston Opera House in Thomaston, Connecticut.

Burning Inside is an exploration of the intertwined nature of revenge and memory. It is the second feature from Wrann and his production company, Dalton Gang Productions. The production company was founded in 2006 by Wrann and his wife, Kimberly Dalton. They started the production company because they were dissatisfied with the caliber of modern independent horror movies and cult thrillers. They set out to create the kind of underground movies they would like to see. They want those movies to be literate and thought provoking in plot, brutal and unrelenting in tension.

Burning Inside was shot entirely in Connecticut and premiered at the Connecticut Film Festival earlier this year.

After the screening, there was a discussion with Wrann and the cast and crew of the film. Wrann chose the Thomaston Opera House because the venue is “a beautifully restored, historic theater.” He scouted it when looking for locations to shoot his next project which is a short film adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher. “Upon entering the theater, I immediately fell in love with the remarkable craftsmanship found in the auditorium,” Wrann said. “While discussing its use as a location, we discovered that the theater is equipped to screen movies and knew that it would be a perfect venue for a screening of Burning Inside.”

Wrann is an independent filmmaker out of West Haven, Connecticut.

Burning Inside is the first film distributed by Channel Midnight Releasing (, the new distribution label from respected cult filmmaker James Felix McKenney (Canniballistic!, Hypothermia) and producers Lisa Wisely (Automatons, Satan Hates You) and Chase Tyler of The Work Room Productions.

For more information about Wrann and his production company, check out the website

 The Burning Inside trailer is available at

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