Christmas gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Here are some works written by NEHW members that would be great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers.

Kurt Newton’s new collection of twisted poetry, The Ultimate perVERSEities from Naked Snake Press ( features the art of Christopher Friend. The collection collects old and new perVERSEities into a cannibalistic melting pot of the maniacal and the macabre. Twenty new poems join the original cast of forty that comprised the twin chapbooks published by Naked Snake Press in 2004. For those familiar with Newton’s twisted oeuvre, he has added phantom marionettes, balloon clowns and mail order brides to his list of untapped taboos. And for those unfamiliar with Newton’s unsettling blend of darkness and the bizarre, you are in for the ultimate treat.
The Ultimate perVERSEities paperback is available through the publisher’s website and on Amazon. There is also an ebook available at Amazon and at Smashwords (

Newton also has a novella, Breaking Eggs, which he wrote with L.L. Soares. It is available from Sideshow Press (

Stacey Longo has two stories, “Trojan Horse” and “Turnabout”, in Pill Hill Press’s new anthology Daily Bites of Flesh 2011: 365 Days of Flash Fiction. The anthology is available from the publisher at
Eric Dimbleby and Longo have stories in the anthology Dark Things IV, which is published by Pill Hill Press. The anthology can be purchased at or from Amazon (
Dimbleby’s story is called “The Iron Maiden” and Longo’s story is called “People Person.”

Kristi Petersen Schoonover has a new Christmas horror story, “Jingle Shells,” available at Full of Crow (

Paul Tremblay has a short story collection, In the Mean Time published by Chizine Publications (

Tracy L. Carbone middle grade paranormal story The Man of Mystery Hill is available at Amazon (

Soares and Laura Cooney’s short story collection, In Sickness: Stories from a very Dark Place is available from Skullvines Press ( It’s a short story collection where these writers guide you through the regions of the horrific and the surreal. The book is available in print through Amazon and Barnes and It is also available as an ebook.

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