Author Transformed by Haunted House

House of Darkness House of Light: Volume One by Andrea Perron was released on March 11. Perron said, it has been very well received, which has delighted her family. The book tells the true story of a haunting that occurs to this day in an old farmhouse in Harrisville, R.I. Perron is the eldest daughter of Roger and Carolyn Perron. She has lived this saga and has watched the way in which her entire family of seven has been transformed over the course of a decade dwelling in such a spiritual setting. The book is the unabridged chronicling of supernatural episodes her family has endured between 1970 and 1980, Perron said. Though the family waited thirty years to reveal these closely-guarded secrets, ultimately there was no escaping these events.

According to Perron, Paranormal Investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren researched and concluded that what resides within those ancient walls cannot or will not be dispelled. The current residents would certainly attest to their conclusion as fact. This story is multi-faceted. It explores the many elements of the numerous and varied encounters, which occurred at the time our family was confronted by the spirits in our home. It draws only one conclusion: there is something there beyond mortal existence.
Many people have speculated about this significant and compelling story over the years, Perron said. People have only known fragments of it, which was often based on rumor and innuendo. This book reveals what really happened, Perron said. “To this day none of us know why … us.”

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7 comments on “Author Transformed by Haunted House

  1. I know the author and her family personally. It’s a truly remarkable story. Stay tuned for more updates and video’s on Youtube for Andrea Perron!

  2. I was wondering what has happened in the house since the family has left. How many times has the house changed hands? If the house is haunted, is this something, or info you have to divulge to the buyers of the house? What’s going on in the house today? With modern technology, have they been able to rid the home of evil, with catholic priests, etc.?

  3. One more question. There are old folklore legends in Rhode Island that are believed to be true by people whose families have lived there for many years, through ancestry, is the haunting in this house have anything to do with these legends?

  4. Who immediately inherited the farmhouse after Bathsheba died? Was there any sense of foul play upon her death or was it clearly a suicide?

    • I looked on IMDB and it doesn’t look like it. It’s the same story, but just not based on Andrea Perron’s book, “House of Darkness House of Light.”

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