An Author Who Writes and Acts

Writer/actor David L. Tamarin does it all from writing columns, articles, and screenplays to acting in movies and television shows.

Tamarin writes the column “Ugly World” for the Severed Cinema website ( The new column should be up by the end of April or the beginning of May.

He has an article, “Interesting Paraphilias” in the new issue of Girls and Corpses. The magazine now sells a card for your wallet that says, “if I die, cannibals and necrophiliacs can have my body.” He developed the idea and sold it to the magazine. The cards can be purchased at

He writes film reviews for His current reviews are of The Manson Family and Seven Days.

He co-wrote the screenplay for Countess Bathoria’s Graveyard Picture Show, which debuted at the Festival of Fear in Quebec. Since it was decided to add more to the film, there is a new scene that he wrote and acted in. In the scene, he is tortured and killed by a doll, which was filmed in Canada a few months ago. The film is in advanced post-production status and will be available on DVD in the future.

He can be seen in the film, Beg, portraying a drunken frat guy dressed like a scarecrow. There is no release date yet. It stars Tony Todd and other genre legends.

Along with movies, he can be seen eating cake in the premiere episode of ABC’s Body of Proof, which aired in March. He has acted in another film, Legless, which premiered last month. He also acted in the video, Legless, which is the movie’s theme song by Sorrowseed.

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