Author’s Works Available at Necon E-Books


Necon e-books have reached readers worldwide. The company is very proud of its local roots; after all, they are based in Rhode Island and “Necon” itself stands for “Northeastern Writers’ Conference.”  As such, they take great pleasure in announcing that two of the latest titles (one currently available and one forthcoming) are from authors with whom New England Horror Writers’ members just might be a tad familiar.

AVAILABLE NOW:  Christmas Trees and Monkeys by Daniel G. Keohane

The first volume of collected short fiction from the immensely talented Dan Keohane is a fun, harrowing and intoxicating menagerie, which includes four original stories and an introduction from the author for each tale.  Moreover, just in case you need one more reason to purchase this title, Dan has provided it.  In his own words: “As with the print edition, 100 percent of all author royalties earned from the sale of this collection are being donated to the New England Multiple Sclerosis Society, in honor of my sister Anne. I figured I already got paid for most of these stories, anyway, so may as well let someone else benefit from them now — aside from you, dear readers.”

COMING SOON: The Gargoyle by Don D’Ammassa

In the author’s words, “This novel previously appeared in substantially different form as Blood Beast.”  When we first approached Don about publishing his work, he insisted that he did not just want to revise his novel, he wanted to rewrite it; in amazingly short order, he returned and absolutely floored us with his newly-titled manuscript, The Gargoyle.  D’Ammassa is a true wordsmith and a master storyteller; pick up this latest title of our Necon Classic Horror Library, and you’ll see why.

As always, all Necon E-Books titles are available at and other major e-book distribution sites.

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