The Epitaph #10 (July 2011)

Issue #10 (July 2011)
The Epitaph

Journal of the New England Horror Writers (NEHW)

The NEHW Board of Directors:

Dan Keohane – Co-Chair
Tracy L. Carbone – Co-Chair/Director of Social Events
Tim Deal – Director of Publications
T.J. May – Treasurer/Director of Events
Jason Harris – Director of Publicity/Webmaster
Stacey Longo – Secretary
Danny Evarts – Member at Large


Marketing and Networking Opportunity for our Authors and Artists!

New England Horror Writers has reserved a booth at the Hebron Harvest Fair for our members from Thursday, September 8 through Sunday, September 11, 2011.  This fair draws over 250,000 visitors from the greater Hartford area and around New England and is a fantastic opportunity for our members to sell their books, illustrations, and get their names out there! NEHW members have the opportunity to appear at the booth to sell books, meet people, and sign books for the low fee of $25.00 to help defray the cost of the space.  Two members have generously offered their house as home base for storing extra books and having a place to go for some down time.  Some sleeping space is also available. Interested members should contact Jason Harris at to reserve your space now!  Please put “Hebron Fair” in the subject. Authors who are unable to attend the fair but would like their books offered at the NEHW booth can pay a $10 fee to do so.  Contact Jason for more details.

Note from Jason Harris: People who have contacted me already please send me another email. My computer had an issue and ate my list like a zombie eats brains.


Zombie Walk:

The town of Enfield, CT, near the Massachusetts border, will be holding a Zombie Walk to End Hunger on August 13, 2011, and NEHW plans to be there!  We will have a vendor tent at this one-day event, available to our members to sell books and art, and to meet the public.   The Zombie Walk is open to all ages, and authors and artists can expect both horror fans and media at this event. There is a fee of $5 for our members to sit at the booth for the day.  Please contact Jason Harris at


From Don D’Ammassa:

D’Ammassa had “Translation Station,” a collection of short science fiction stories, published in June by Merry Blacksmith Press. 

Necon Ebooks just published a completely rewritten version of D’Ammassa’s first novel, Blood Beast, under its original title, The Gargoyle.

From Andrea Perron:

Perron welcomes people to read about her journey home to Rhode Island on her blog,  She hopes to share some of her impressions with readers.

Her Rhode Island book tour exceeded all expectations! It was a seven-day series of events which included Brown & Hopkins Country Store in Chepachet and Borders Books in the Providence Place Mall. Her father accompanied her and went back to their old homestead for the first time since June of 1980, to encounter the same spirit who haunted him for a decade. No question: she is still there. The encounter was captured on film! She has written about this phenomenal journey “home” and posted it as: “Revisiting the Past: There’s No Place Like Home” on her blogspot,

Perron’s cinematographer, Manny Cantu, came along on this remarkable excursion and he filmed all of her public appearances. The first of these videos has been produced from the raw footage and released to the public. It is a short film of the Brown & Hopkins book signing, a special event in a place close to her heart. This piece is currently posted on her Facebook pages. 

While in R.I., Perron was on Keith & Sandra Johnson’s program “GHOSTS R N.E.A.R.” and they report that the response to the half-hour segment has been spectacular. They’ve asked her to do another spot when she returns in October, which she accepted. The program, EPISODE 76, may be viewed by visiting the following website:

Upon returning to Georgia, she discovered that the film currently in development regarding certain elements of her families’ story is moving forward, according to Variety Magazine. Unfortunately, there were several unsavory websites that pirated my videos and put out some misinformation on the subject. The film, entitled The Conjuring, is based solely on the recollections of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Essentially, it will reflect their version of events which transpired in our old farmhouse in Harrisville, R.I. Apparently New Line Cinema is in talks with James Wan about directing the film. Variety reported news of the project succinctly but then it was picked up, warped and twisted to such an extent that it now requires clarification. The film is NOT based on the trilogy House of Darkness House of Light. In fact, she doesn’t expect these two separate and distinct projects will even remotely resemble each other. Nicole Kidman is NOT slated to play her mother Carolyn, but is instead considering another film project in the same genre. If these highly questionable websites continue forwarding inaccurate information and continue attaching her name to it, she will address each directly. In the interim, she’s watching…closely.

Perron will soon be returning to Florida for a series of engagements currently being booked. The itinerary will be posted the moment all the details are available but one sure thing is a book signing at “Here Be Dragons Bookshoppe” in Winter Garden. Dates to be announced.

Perron will be back in R.I. for an extended stay in September and plans on being there through Halloween…many events are planned already.

From Sandy DeLuca:

DeLuca’s novel, Descent, is available for the first time in a paperback edition. It’s available at and

From Scott and David Goudsward:

Scott and David Goudsward’s book Shadows Over Florida made Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year Volume 3

Scott also had a piece of flash fiction “Carousel” accepted for Pill Hill’s Daily Frights 2012.  He also had a short story, “That Place,” accepted for Evil Jester’s The Call of Lovecraft.

Dave is pleased to announce he has had a third flash piece accepted in the Pill Hill Press anthology, Daily Frights 2012. More importantly, his brother absolutely “hates” the story, “Never Ask a Genie to Make You the King of Rock.” So it’s a win-win.

From Deb Eskie:

Look for Pill Hill Press’ There was a Crooked House, featuring Deb Eskie’s short story “22 Beckett St.,” due out this summer.

The current issue of Deadman’s Tome feature’s Eskie’s story “Springtime and Jesus.”

Later this summer, Pill Hill Press publishes The Big Book of New Short Horror, featuring Eskie’s story “Heternormative.”

From Karen Dent:

Dent’s Anthologies:

“Rules, Purpose, Plan” and “The Beginning” are both available in Daily Bits of Flesh 2011, published by Pill Hill Press.

“Mr. Hoo-Ward’s Unwise Promise” is part of a Christmas anthology entitled Peace on All the Earths, published by Whortleberry Press.

“Grave Mistake” is part of a Halloween anthology entitled, Halloween Dances With The Dead published by Whortleberry Press.

“Frog” is a modern day erotic fairy tale, part of the Spellbound, e-book anthology by Ravenous Press.

“The Man” is available to read free online at in Ruthless Peoples Magazine Issue #7.

Dent is working on getting her and her sisters’ website, up and running.


Jonathon Pickering (NH)
Alyn Day (MA)
Rick Hautala (ME)
Doug Rinaldi (MA)

– Jason Harris, Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW
– Stacey Longo, Assistant Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW

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