Author Releases Supernatural Thriller This Saturday

Author Erica Ferencik launches her supernatural thriller, Repeaters, on Saturday, September 17 at Wellesley Books, in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The bookstore is located at 82 Central Street.

Repeaters is published by Waking Dream Press ( According to a press release, “Repeaters are everywhere. Their bodies bear the marks of their death: a gunshot scar, a rope burn at the neck, the slash of a knife. They are the murdered among us; slipping out of one life and instantly forced into another, and another. Nothing will free them from this endless cycle of return, except to love another human being.

Of all Repeaters, one has come back more than any of the others. Ruthless, charismatic Dr. Astra Nathanson seems to have everything – a brilliant career as a psychiatrist, wealth and great beauty. But her inability to love has doomed her to an endless half-life as a Repeater. Until now. This time, she will do anything to have the love she needs for a final demise, even if she has to betray her own flesh and blood to claim it.”

Ferencik is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, Cracks in the Foundation. Her work has also appeared in the Boston Globe, on and National Public Radio.

For more information about the event, call the bookstore at (781) 431-1160.

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