Authors Stacey Longo and Dan Foley’s Write-up of the Hebron Harvest Fair

A humorous (and a little fictionalized) take of the Hebron Harvest Fair from Author Stacey Longo’s blog (

Stacey Longo posing over her books in the NEHW booth at the fair

“I couldn’t update the blog on Saturday because I spent Thursday through Sunday working at the Hebron Harvest Fair. As a board member of the New England Horror Writers, it was my duty to sweat my butt off, trying to pawn off free short stories to passerby who were quite frankly more interested in the fried dough than the literary gems I was handing out. After being ignored for most of the afternoon the first day, I decided to pull out the big guns. I dug through my closet to find the lowest-cut blouse I owned. Miraculously, my sales doubled (to two) the next day.

It was a hot weekend, and my sunscreen gave out about two hours in on Saturday. I wound up baking like a potato, and am now unable to breathe too deeply without my skin cracking. It was all for the sake of art, so I guess it was worth it. Plus, when my tomato red finally fades to a toasty brown, I expect to save a ton of money on foundation, so that’s a help.

Greeting the public as a horror writer was a little different than just hanging out at a convention debating small press versus self publishing with other writers (sure, you might find that boring, but to us, it can spawn hours of intellectual discussion. That and the debate about who is cooler: Gambit or Wolverine.) But with the general public, the questions I heard were a lot different: “Why did you decide to become a writer?” “Does your mother know you write this sicko stuff?” And, by far, the most popular question: “Have you ever met Stephen King?” (A question that I’m sure one Judie T. gets often simply because she lives in Maine. But I digress.)”

Dan Foley’s write up:

“A Day at the Hebron Fair”

The weather was great. Alright, maybe it was a tad on the hot side, especially in the sun, but at least it didn’t rain. There was no sign of the mud that plagued the fair-goers on Day 1. Best part of the day – I got to meet a lot of fellow NEHW’ers I hadn’t meet before. Worst part of the day – I didn’t win the raffle. Most fun – getting a full, skull face painting.
The skull got a lot of smiles and some stares from the older crowd and quite a few worried reactions from the youngsters. Most of them eventually came over and gave me a “high five” but a few never got up the courage. Next year I think it would be great if we all came “in costume”. Now that would draw some attention.
Kudos’s to all who came, but especially to Jason & Stacey for all the work they put in to set this up and make a success of it. It was also nice to do something “down here” in Connecticut. See you there next year!”


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