Rock and Shock Line-up

ROCK AND SHOCK NEWS…putting the finishing touches on the booth schedule for Rock and Shock Oct. 14-16. Here’s a list of authors who will be appearing throughout the weekend. If you don’t see your name here and want to come there is still time. I particularly need extra folks on Sunday. Email me at

T.J. May
Matt Bechtel
Bob Booth
Scott Goudsward
Stacy Longo
Jason Harris
Geoffrey Goodwin
Danny Evarts
Kelli Jones
Trisha Wooldridge
Jack Haringa
Jennifer Yarter
Tracy Carbone
Anthony Laquerre
Rob Watts
Larissa Glasser
Kristi Petersen Schoonover
Nathan Wrann
LL Soares
Paul McMahon
John M. McIlveen
Morven Westfield
Ken Wood

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