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Like Porno For Psychos

When I first started writing short stories again, after more than a decade of only writing poetry, my first efforts were in the realm of pornography. It was pornography with a strong supernatural or thriller element, but pornography nonetheless. Its sole purpose was to arouse unto the point of orgasm. I even sold a couple to Hustler Magazine. Later, I rewrote many of these short stories, pumping up the speculative fiction elements, and removing much of the sex (or so I thought.) I then resold these stories to horror magazines. I was quickly labeled an “Erotic Horror Author”. Years later, when I reread these tales, I realized that I had not removed nearly as much of the sex as I had thought. A couple of these stories, like Fly, about a guy who tosses women off balconies after having sex with them, ended up in The Book Of A Thousand Sins. The rest of them have been collected here, in my latest short story collection available now from Deadite Books.

Like Porno For Psychos includes some of my most lascivious writings. These stories drip with body fluids. There is a story about a cure for AIDS that spawns a world-wide orgy resulting in the erosion of society, a story about a woman with a fetish for lions, a story about a pimp who sees the power of creation in the vaginas of his whore’s, a story about a prostitute from hell and the right-wing conservative politician who can’t get enough of him. There are less salacious fare as well. A story about the neighbor who owns the dog that is really the thousand-year-old demon that once commanded David Berkowitz to kill, a story about a woman so obsessed with losing weight that she will go to any lengths. There are even a couple of erotic poems.

After reading this short collection of pornographic terrors, you might be left with the impression that Wrath really likes sex. This impression would be correct. There are few things I enjoy that I can’t either fuck, fight, or eat. If you don’t also like sex, violence, death, and horror then this is not the read for you. As the title implies, this is not a book for prudes. This is erotic horror with a strong emphasis on the erotic. Ever read a horror book with one hand? Well, this would be the one to start with. Enjoy.

You can order this little book of horror porn here:

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