Horror Icons and Fans at Rock and Shock

Horror Icons and Fans at Rock and Shock

by Jason Harris

Rock and Shock is getting better and better. I was happy to be there on Saturday and Sunday. The NEHW organization fits in well at this convention. It was fitting that Robert Englund, the original and best portrayer of Freddy Krueger, was at this year’s convention. He was always my favorite horror movie actor.

Robert Englund holding his autobiography, Hollywood Monster

It was great seeing the people of different ages walking the convention. There were young and old people walking between the booths in the dealer’s room. There were people wearing different movie t-shirts, but some even went further and dressed up in costumes.

Logan Miller, of Lunenburg, MA., strikes a pose as Freddy on Sunday

These costumed attendees gravitated to the NEHW booth to hang out with the authors.

Author Kristi Petersen Schoonover meeting two Rock and Shock attendees

A horror fan brought two different conventions together within his costume when he created a zombie Stormtrooper.

Author Greg X. Graves with the zombie Stormtrooper.

When groups of horror fans weren’t meeting horror icons, they were walking through the dealer’s room looking for a copy of Evil Dead: The Musical or that cool looking movie related t-shirt like Children of the Corn or the original Piranha.

Uncle Fright and posse at Rock and Shock

One dealer, Joe, has taken his love of movies and started a glass business, Glass by Joe. He has been working with stained glass for three years. He creates glass works of films like Ghostbusters and Jaws. He has also put the image of Freddy Krueger on stained glass.Freddy's image on stained glass

Joe has even been commissioned by Kane Hodder, who has portrayed Jason Voorhees in a number of Friday the 13th movies, to create two pieces. Joe’s website is www.glassbyJoeo.com. Along with movie images, he also does landscapes, movie posters, and portraits to name a few.

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