Author’s Nightmare in Worcester

Here is an entry about Rock and Shock from Author Kristi Petersen Schoonover’s blog. Please click the link to see the video she put together,


Writers, artists, and other creators spend a lot of time in isolation—not necessarily because we are actively crafting, but because, I’ve often felt, we seem to think differently.

Although I’ve always been comfortable in my surroundings, I’d forgotten how much fun it was to be around other people who share the same creative drives, dreams, ambitions and even habits. At this weekend’s Rock and Shock—where I worked the New England Horror Writers booth with several of my peers—I almost felt like I was on a different planet, one I wasn’t too anxious to leave.

I’m planning on writing something up for the NEHW blog that discusses this a little bit more in-depth, but for now, I think this mini-movie I made—at least for me—says it all. Enjoy!

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