The Day at the Middletown Open Air Market

The Day at the Middletown Open Air Market by Jason Harris

The ninth annual Middletown Open Air Market was a big success for sponsor, the Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate and for the vendors. It was a little chilly since the Sun decided to stay hidden bechind the clouds for most of the day, but that didn’t stop the crowds from coming out to the event.

The Ninth Annual Middletown Open Air Market

Thank you Stacey Longo, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Kasey Shoemaker, Robert Watts, Kurt Newton and Nathan Wrann for making todays NEHW event a success.

From left to right: Newton, Watts, and Schoonover in Middletown

Longo did a great job as usual setting up the NEHW tent.

The NEHW tent at the Middletown Open Air Market

A different view of the NEHW tent

Here are a picture of Longo, Shoemaker, and Schoonover under the NEHW tent.

From left to right: Longo, Schoonover, and Shoemaker

Here is a picture from a visitor to the NEHW tent that came back to show us a picture from her sister who works at a mortuary. The picture was so cool I had to ask her to email it to me. She did and I want to share it with you.

The fan's picture

Here are a few more pictures from the market.

People lined up in front of Author Rob Watts

One comment on “The Day at the Middletown Open Air Market

  1. Thanks Jason, Stacy, Kristi, Kurt and everyone else for taking the reins on this, setting it up and giving my books a place to hang out for the day. What you do at these events is so appreciated.

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