Young Adult Novel to Debut at Anthocon

Author Tracy L. Carbone will be debuting her young adult novel, The Soul Collector, at Anthocon this weekend.

The novel tells the story of Abby McNabb, a typical sixth grader who hates her hair, thinks her mom is too strict, envies her best friend…Oh, and Abby’s father is crazy. Andy, Abby’s father, is a famous author known for his investigations of aliens, ghosts and all things paranormal. This embarrasses Abby to no end, until the day he takes her on one of his learning adventures  … and for the first time in her life, she sees a ghost, too.

The ghost needs Abby’s help to make Andy remember his birthplace: a star named Gibeon, which crashed to earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. As Abby, along with her friend Claudia and cousin, Chase, work to uncover the truth about her father’s past and his future, she is faced with losing him forever when destiny pushes him toward his forgotten life.

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