What to Get After Receiving a New Phone or iPad

What to Get After Receiving a New Phone or iPad

by Jason Harris

It’s been a few days since Christmas. What do you do if you received a phone or iPad as a gift? You should buy a case to protect your new present. I know how a person can be rough on their gadgets especially a phone. You clip it to your belt or throw it into a purse or pocket. You definitely don’t want to do that without your phone being in a case.

You may be wondering why this entry about cases is on this blog. It’s important to protect your devices. I have used both my iPhone and iPad in my professional life.  A phone isn’t the best device to write something on, but if it is the only thing available then you have to do what you have to do to get an assignment in on time. If you depend on your devices for your job, you don’t want something happening to them.

The Defender series

The cases I have used for both my Apple devices are an Otterbox Defender case. These cases are made to protect your device from a lot of different every day accidents that can befall a device. I have dropped my iPhone many times and nothing has ever happened to it. Only the case has been scrapped up by these falls. I feel comfortable letting a child handle my iPhone or iPad since they are protected.

There are two reasons I recommend Otterbox products. They get the job done and the companies customer service is up there in my book with Apple’s customer service.

A few weeks ago, I had to contact Otterbox because my wife’s iPhone case was broken. She hadn’t dropped it or anything, but the case was cracked. I knew she hadn’t dropped it since most of the time her phone is in her purse. It’s not clipped to her belt like I have mine. I chalked it up to a defect in the case. I contacted the company and they asked for a four digit number on the inside of the case. All I saw was a one digit number so I emailed the customer service person who emailed me. I decided to include a few pictures of her case to go with my message about not seeing the numbers. The next email I received was one telling me that a new case was going to be shipped to me.

The reason I equate the customer service at Otterbox to Apple’s customer service because there were no hassles. I had an issue and they took care of it just like what Apple has done for me in the past.

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