2012 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

2012 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

by Jason Harris

The last day of 2011, the day people start thinking of their New Years’ resolutions. Do you remember what you wanted to do last year? There will be the usual resolutions of people wanting to lose weight by dieting or exercising or a combination of both. There may be people out there wishing for a new job, a better job, or even looking for advancement at their current job. What will you as a writer want to do in the New Year?

Here are a few resolutions:

1. Spend less time on Facebook/Twitter or both

2. Write more

3. Be more productive

4. Respond/talk to fans

5. Drink less

6. Smoke less

7. Read more books, blogs, etc.

8. Promote yourself more

9. Don’t procrastinate

I know I plan on reading more in 2012. It has been a long time since I was reading on a regular basis. This last week I have read more than I have in a very long time, which is sad. One of my reading goals in the New Year will be to read more books and stories written by NEHW members. This will help me to promote their work when they are participating in NEHW events.

I will see everyone in 2012.

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