‘Piranha 3DD’ One Fin Closer to Going Straight to DVD

This article originally appeared on the Film School Rejects website.

‘Piranha 3DD’ One Fin Closer to Going Straight to DVD

by Nathan Adams

The 3D reboot of Piranha from 2010 was one of my favorite movies of that year. And I don’t usually much like horror stuff, especially winky, self-aware horror parody: that means they did something very right. So word of a followup should have been great news. But as soon as Piranha 3DD was announced as re-teaming the creative team behind the Project Greenlight winning horror film Feast rather than re-teaming the creative team that already worked so well together on a Piranha movie, director Alexandre Aja and writers Pete Goldfinger & Josh Stolberg, I was dubious.

The next hint that this movie wasn’t going to turn out so great came in October, when Piranha 3DD was scrapped from having its planned November 2011 release and was instead marked with the ominous “sometime in 2012” release date instead. It was starting to look like the writing was on the wall, that Dimension didn’t have much faith in the film and that it was now residing in limbo, probably until an eventual straight to home video release.

Well, it looks like the next step toward making that doomed future a reality has happened. It’s looking like the UK has now become the first market to scrap a theatrical release plan for Piranha 3DD in favor of dumping it onto disc. According to the British Video Association website, March 19th is the day it will happen. Unless this is a mistake by the BVA site, this means that not very many people will be seeing the movie in the UK, and almost no one will be seeing it in its intended 3D format. Also, once copies of this thing start floating around due to the UK release, it’s probably going to be a lot less likely that anyone is going to bother showing this thing in a theater in the States or anywhere else; if there were still any plans to make that happen at all.

This can only be seen as bad news for Feast fans, and fans of 3D boobs and gore in general. But, as a fan of the 2010 Piranha specifically, I kind of see it as just desserts. This is what you get when you try to keep a franchise going without bringing back the people who made the magic happen. Let that be a lesson to you, purveyors of filth. [via Bloody Disgusting]

3 comments on “‘Piranha 3DD’ One Fin Closer to Going Straight to DVD

  1. Purveyor of filth? A bit harsh and most certainly a foolish thing to say. Failure or not, I give the Project Greenlight guys a thumbs up for a try. If it flops, not the first time something was done that didn’t turn out as hoped. Good for them and looking forward to seeing the flick.

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