‘Breaking Dawn’ Actress Talks Twilight

‘Breaking Dawn’ Actress Talks Twilight

by Jason Harris

Julia Jones at the Liberty Hotel (Photo by Jason Harris)

Actress Julia Jones has dabbled in television, movies, and plays, and this week she was in her home state of Massachusetts promoting the DVD release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 (2011).

Jones, 31, spent Thursday at the Liberty Hotel in Boston talking about the series. The latest chapter debuts on DVD this Saturday, Feb. 10. Jones portrays Leah Clearwater, who first appears in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010), the third movie in the popular series.

When Jones got the initial phone call to audition for the movie, she never thought about not doing the movie. She considers the series a “cultural phenomenon.”

Her friend, who is a huge Twilight fan, thought she would be perfect for the character of Leah Clearwater and this helped her with the “daunting” task of bringing the character to the big screen, Jones said.

“When you are playing a character based on a book, let alone a widely popular book, you are playing a character that belongs to the world.”

Jones was aware of the “Twihards,” who are die hard fans of Twilight, when filming the movies.

“One of the most unique parts of the experience is just being part of something that so many people feel so passionate about, and that’s an energy you take with you. It’s pretty powerful.”

The Twilight fans’ excitement “is palpable,” Jones said. “There is no way to know what you’re getting into because it’s such a unique thing.”

Jones recounted some fan stories. Recently, she started tweeting and a fan sent a picture of her daughter dressed up as Jones’ character.

“She was so cute,” Jones said about the fan’s daughter.

The craziest costume she has seen was a fan who dressed up in a nightgown and had bruises and feathers all over her. The fan was dressed as the ‘Morning After’ Bella from Breaking Dawn, Part 1.

Jones has been on the television series ER, and has an upcoming appearance on the series In Plain Sight.

“I got to do stunts and work with guns,” Jones said about her In Plain Sight experience. “It was really fun.”

ER was executive produced by John Wells and Jones would love to be on his new show, Southland.

“It would be so exciting to do anything that he’s involved with,” Jones said about Wells.

Jones said there are a lot of good shows on cable like The Killing and An American Horror Story, which are two series she would like to act on, she said.

Along with being on the silver and small screens, she has also performed on the stage. Jones likes “dabbling” in film, television, and the theatre, and it is one of her favorite parts, she said. She considers these separate venues like “having different jobs.”

“I think part of the reason I’m an actor because I couldn’t see myself going to a desk every day and doing the same sort of thing.”

Jones would love to work with actresses Jessica Lange (The Vow) and Marion Cotillard (Inception, Contagion) and directors Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction), Terrance Malick (The Thin Red Line), and Nick Cassavetes (John Q).

She met with Malick a few times when she was auditioning for a role in The New World and thinks “he’s magical” and considers Cassavetes an “actor’s director.”

Jones was “impressed to death” with Tarantino when she was working on Larry Bishop’s Hell Ride, for which Tarantino was the executive producer.

“I would do anything to work with him as a director,” Jones said about Tarantino. “Hell Ride was a trip.”

She considers her time in the three Twilight movies a “rewarding” experience.

“It’s kind of lucky in a way to be a supporting character in the franchise.”

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 comes out in theaters in November.

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