Interview with Actor/Comedian Kevin Pollak

This article originally appeared on the DVD Snapshot website.

Interview: Actor/Comedian Kevin Pollak

by Jason Harris

Necessity is the mother of invention and the reason why Columbus Circle came to be.

“This is the most ridiculous example of the necessity being the mother of invention,” said Kevin Pollak in a phone interview.

Columbus Circle, which he co-wrote with the movie’s director, George Gallo, came about when producer Christopher Mallick’s financing for a remake of a Korean movie fell apart when the Korean government took back the movie rights in 2009, Pollak said.

This bad news came to Mallick as he was at the Cannes Film Festival celebrating the movie, Middle Men, with its cast that included Giovanni Ribisi, who is also in Columbus Circle, and Pollak.

Since Mallick already had two apartment sets built in Los Angeles for his now defunct remake, Pollack told him he would come up with an idea that night and they would go over it on the 11-hour trip home the next day to figure it out.

He was up most of the night coming up with the story for Columbus Circle, which concerns an heiress portrayed by Selma Bair, who is holed up in her apartment and no one knows who she is, and the couple who move into the apartment across the hall from her.

You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here.

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