‘Body Enhancements Gone Bad’ Anthology Available on Amazon

Author and NEHW member L.L. Soares’ story, “Sawbones,” appears in the anthology, Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad! edited by Weldon Burge.

According to Amazon, this collection contains monstrous transplants, appalling amputations, bizarre implants and nightmarish forms of body enhancements. These “stories are not for those who are faint of heart or squeamish, or who are easily offended by nasty language, bloody violence, and freakish body augmentations.”

This collection also includes stories by Graham Masterton, John Shirley, Scott Nicholson, Lisa Mannetti and Burge.

Burge’s collection is available in paperback for $14.95 and in e-book for $2.99 on Amazon.

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