Unknown Savior

                    Unknown Savior

                                                        by Ron DiBerto

Through blackened night and fog filled moors, souls flee to light and lock their doors.

They hide amongst their relics of faith, while outside lurks a hungry wraith.

It moves among the well-lit homes, searching for blood that doth roams.

It claws the doors as an angry beast, hoping to have an overdue feast.

When into the night it sees a shape, a shadow does move with a cape.

It lunges with its teeth all bared, eyes open wide as it stared.

And as it reached its unknown prey, a flash of steel would end this fray.

The creature lies as still as the dead, next to the form of its severed head.

Wiping his blade as he looks at this sight, and without a sound he walks into the night.

The legends have been told since that day, of an unknown savior that made his way.

To a fear filled town afraid of the night, to have a chance again to see the light.

Here is NEHW member DiBerto’s inspiration behind “Unknown Savior,” which he wrote in 2006.

“I wrote this after I stayed awake for over 36 hours because of a major case of insomnia. No matter what I tried to help me sleep, it never worked. That is until I sat down and wrote this [poem] out on a pad of paper. I guess that in some way I had to get [it] … out of my system. Because it was not even ten minutes after I put down the pen that I crashed into my pillow and slept like I have never slept before.”

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