Experiencing ‘Some Guy Who Kills People’

Experiencing Some Guy Who Kills People

by Jason Harris

Some Guy Who Kills People movie poster

Recently, I received a copy of the movie, Some Guy Who Kills People. I wasn’t expecting much with a b-movie title like that, but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is about Ken Boyd portrayed by Kevin Corrigan (The Dictator, The Departed, TV series Fringe and Grounded for Life). Boyd was recently released from Cotton Valley State Hospital, a loony bin, after trying to commit suicide. After leaving the hospital, he returns home to live with his overbearing mother, Ruth, portrayed by Karen Black.

Black tells him as she takes a knife out of his hand that “7 in 10 people try to commit suicide twice.” She replaces the knife with a spoon and says to him, “if you are going to off yourself, you are going to have to earn it.” This is just one instance that could nominate Ruth for the Mother of the Year award.

Ken isn’t only treated badly at home; he gets the same treatment at his job, scooping ice cream, and walking around town. It’s no wonder he wants revenge on the people who caused him problems throughout his life. Everybody who has ever been bullied can feel a little bit of happiness when Ken gets his revenge.

This movie also contains a feeling of family, which I never thought possible in this movie. This sense of family comes about when Ken finds out he has a 9-year-old daughter and she moves in with him and her grandmother for awhile to get to know her father.

Some Guy Who Kills People writer Ryan Levin, whose credits includes an episode of Scrubs, the television series he is a production assistant on, brings as much comedy as he brings violence to Ken’s victims. For instance, the movie’s town sheriff portrayed by Barry Bostwick eats popcorn at a Drive-in movie theater crime scene as he says, “You don’t cut off a man’s head unless you are one angry fella.”

The movie is directed by Jack Perez, who has written an episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and the movies Wild Things 2, Monster Island, and Unauthorized Brady Bunch: The Final Days.

The movie has locked up a U.S. Distributor and a release date hasn’t been finalized yet, Levin said.

When this movie is released, you should definitely take a chance to see it. You won’t be disappointed.

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