The Epitaph, Issue 23 (August 2012)

Issue #23 (Aug 2012)

The Epitaph

Journal of the New England Horror Writers (NEHW)

The NEHW Board of Directors:

Tracy L. Carbone – Co-Chair
Stacey Longo – Co-Chair
Dan Keohane – Treasurer
Jason Harris – Director of Publicity/Webmaster
K. Allen Wood – Director of Publications
Scott Goudsward – Director of Events
Danny Evarts – Art Director
Tim Deal (alternate)
T.J. May (alternate)


Hebron Harvest Fair

The NEHW will once again have a booth at this four day fair. It runs from Sept. 6 through 9.

Rhode Island Comic Con

The NEHW will be at Rhode Island Comic Con on November 3 and 4.


The NEHW will have a table at Anthocon ( from Nov. 9 through 11.

Tantasqua’s Holiday Craft Fair

The NEHW will have tables at the Tantasqua’s Holiday Craft Fair at the Tantasqua Regional Sr. High School in Fiskdale, MA from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on December 1.

Want to Give Back to the NEHW?

The NEHW has been asked by the Barnes & Noble in Manchester, CT to man its gift wrapping table. There will be a jar set-up for donations, which will go to our organization. We will be there on Dec. 9, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The table sits three people comfortably. There will be shifts. After gift wrapping ends, we can go out to eat at a local restaurant.

Email Jason Harris at if you like to help gift wrap.


From Charles Day:

Evil Jester Press is looking for comic book/graphic novel artists to submit samples of their work for our new 6 issue series. Please send a couple pages to David C. Hayes, Executive Editor at:

From Trisha Wooldridge:

Doorways to Extra Time, a short story anthology, is now accepting submissions.

In our busy world of meetings and microwaves, car radios and cell phones, people always wish they could get an extra hour in the day. What if they could? Doorways to Extra Time is an anthology that explores ways to get extra time (be it an hour, a day, or a decade) and the impact it would have (whether upon a single life, a family or an entire world).We’re looking for stories with a touch of the fantastic—whether mystical, magical, mechanical, or just plain mysterious—but they can be set in any time or any genre: contemporary or historical, science fiction or fantasy, horror or magic realism. We could even find a place for a nonfiction essay if it was truly exceptional. In short, show us something show-stopping, and we’ll make time for you.

Suggested Length: full stories (from 3,000 to 7,000 words) and flash fiction (preferred under 1,000 words). We will accept good stories up to 10,000 words but longer lengths are a harder sell.

Due Date: Oct. 15, 2012

Editors: Anthony Francis and Trisha J. Wooldridge

Submission Guidelines: Please email your submissions to Put your story in the BODY of the email (no attachments) and put “DOORWAYS TO EXTRA TIME” in the subject line along with the title.

And now the boring bits: We can only accept previously unpublished stories. Please don’t use characters or material to which you do not own the copyright so Disney doesn’t come sue us—this is not a fan-fiction anthology. Contributor payment will be an advance of $10, a contributor copy of the print edition, and an equal share of the contributors’ portion of the royalties. Please make your work appropriate for a PG-13 audience and avoid gratuitous sex, violence, politics and puns.

For accepted submissions, Spencer Hill Press will take first print and electronic publishing rights, which are exclusive publishing rights for as long as the anthology remains in print. This means that authors will not be able sell or publish their stories elsewhere, and when the rights revert to the authors after the anthology is no longer in print, they will only be able to market the story as a reprint, which in nearly all cases is a harder sell and has a lower pay rate than first print. We at Spencer Hill Press hope that the anthology will have strong sales that will result in healthy royalty payments, but we want authors to go into this with eyes open, knowing how acceptance to one anthology limits the marketing of the same story down the road.


From Erin Underwood:

Underwood sold her short story “The Foam Born” to Ticonderoga Press for their new anthology Bloodstones, edited by Amanda Pillar, which will be released in October 2012.

From Bob Sterns:

Stearns released his first e-book novella, The Harvester, on Amazon. It is a dark fantasy/horror/sci-fi adventure story and fully illustrated. Here’s the link,

From K.H. Vaughan:

Vaughan’s story, “Love and Rocket at the Siege of Peking,” will appear in the steampunk-wuxia anthology Shanghai Steam, due this November from Absolute Xpress.

From Robert Heske:

Heske’s graphic novel, The Night Projectionist, was reviewed by ( and on (

He also did a follow-up interview with Henry Chamberlain at ComicsGrinder about The Night Projectionist and his other work, including his upcoming indie film Blessid (

He reports that initial filming will begin on Blessid in September with a 2-day shoot, with the balance occurring in November. Here are links to “Like”, Follow and Fund Heske’s film:,, and

From Dave Goudsward:

Goudsward is proud to announce one of the top Lovecraftian scholars, Kenneth Faig, Jr., will be writing the foreword to his book H.P. Lovecraft in the Merrimack Valley, which explores the region’s ties to the Amateur Journalism movement that served as an incubator to Lovecraft’s writing, and the influence of later visits on HPL’s work.

From K. A. Laity:

Laity has the cover art for Weird Noir, the forthcoming collection she’s editing for Fox Spirit Books (, out this November.

Recent publications include:

The Price. Short story. Tales of the Nun and Dragon ( Ed. Adele Wearing. Fox Spirit Books. August 2012.

ASBO Bambi. Flash fiction. Pulp Metal Magazine (

Aug. 4, 2012.

The Claddagh Icon. Short story. Atlantis eBooks/Lite Editions ( July, 21 2012. [English/Italian language editions]

Her dark story collection, Unquiet Dreams, will be released Oct. 4 from Tirgearr Publishing.

From Eric Stanway:

Emu Books will be releasing two new anthologies by Stanway, a New Hampshire author, whose previous books include “Vintage Blood,” “The Old Rindge House,” and “Madame Sherri,” on September 21, for the Halloween season.

Stanway has edited the anthology, The Blood is the Life, a collection of classic vampire stories, by such literary luminaries as F. Marion Crawford, F. G. Loring, E. F. Benson and Nikolai Vasilivich Gogol. This collection also includes the story “The Vampyre” by John Polidori, which holds the distinction of being the first vampire tale in modern literature.

He also edited Mad Ghosts and Englishmen, a treasury of classic British Ghost stories by such renowned authors as M. R. James, Bram Stoker and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes.

Each book is lavishly illustrated with period engravings, and is 267 pages. They will retail for $14.95 apiece, and are available at and all good bookstores.

For more information or interviews, interested parties can call the author at (603 585-6820 or email Visit for more details.

From L.L. Soares: 

L.L. Soares’s novel, Life Rage, will be making its debut at Killercon in Las Vegas the weekend of September 20 – 23.

From Dan Foley:

Foley sold a short story, “I Will Make You Beautiful,” to Scarlet River Press for the anthology, Rigorous Mortis – A Mortician’s Tale Anthology.

From John Grover:

Grover is very excited to announce the release of his first full-length novel, If God Doesn’t Show, co-written with R. Thomas Riley and published by Permuted Press. It’s the apocalypse and the dead are rising, shadow creatures are on the loose, Cthulhu has returned and only two men can stop the madness and they’ve never even met.

Available in all formats and reading devices, but you can start with Amazon and B&N: and

Grover’s first Zombie book is now available on Kindle and Nook. Frozen Stiff: A Zombie Novella is a horror adventure set in the Canadian Arctic. A horror colder than the snowy landscape awaits a military search and rescue team and their civilian survivors in this original chiller of the zombie apocalypse. Get it for Kindle or Nook: or

Finally not quite horror, but for those who enjoy fantasy, the second installment of Grover’s dark fantasy series Song of the Ancestors II: The Human Condition is now available exclusively on Kindle:

From Charles Day and Evil Jester Press:

I am delighted to announce that after a few months of brainstorming and talking with some members of the HWA board, James Chambers and I are now excited to be co-chairing the HWA NY/LI Chapter. We are looking to hold our first meeting early October, possibly in the NYC area, near the Javitt’s Center if possible. A few of us HWA members will be attending the NY Comic book Convention (COMIC-CON) and this would be a great time to gather up some people.

Day’s also excited to be hanging out with the NEHW at the Rhode Island Comic-Con this coming Nov 3 and 4. He’ll be signing copies of my Legend of the Pumpkin Thief and the newly released Tales of Terror & Mayhem from Deep Within the Box.

Nov 9-11: The evil little jester and his jesterly minions will be arriving at ANTHOCON in New Hampshire. Our booth is registered and we hope to see many of you there. I’ll be signing copies of my books, and we will have other authors at the table and around the conference to sign copies. We hope to also have Joe McKinney’s Inheritance released by this time. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Last year was such a blast.

If any of you are active members with the HWA and would like to participate in the HWA Mentoring Program, please get in touch with me. I’ve been filling all the slots, and could use more professional writers to share their knowledge to aspiring writers. My email address is

From Dale Phillips:

Phillips is on the radio, talking about writing, as a guest on David Tierney’s show on 91.5, WUML. Listen via radio or on He will be on Monday mornings from 9:50 to 10:10 (approximately).

From E.F. Schraeder:

Schraeder’s short story “Stacked” appeared in the Summer 2012 Dark Gothic Resurrected magazine.  Two other stories were also selected for upcoming anthologies.   “Employee of the Month” was selected for Carnival of the Damned anthology edited by Henry Snider and David C. Hayes from Evil Jester Press, and “The Hopeful Doctor” was included in Dark Moon Books’ upcoming alternate history horror anthology, Zombie Jesus and Other True Stories, edited by Lori Michelle, Max Booth III, and Stan Swanson.

From Scott Goudsward:

Goudsward has sold “Ghost Lights” to Evil Jester Press’ Carnival of the Damned.

Once Upon an Apocalypse is still taking submissions for another month.

From Errick Nunnally:

Nunnally sold a short story, “Who Bears the Lathe?” to eFiction’s inaugural genre magazine. The magazine’s first issue will be published in early September 2012.

Georgina Morales (CT)
Heather Randolph (MA)
Joe Mirabello (MA)
Barbara Farrow (MA)

– Jason Harris, Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW
– Stacey Longo, Assistant Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW

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