A Park for Halloween Lovers

A Park for Halloween Lovers

By Rob Watts

Photo by Rob Watts.

Last October, I took a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s one of the most beautiful (and one of my favorite) cities in Europe. The architecture is breathtaking, the streets are spotless and navigation throughout the city is the easiest I’ve seen in recent memory. As Copenhagen is such a compact city, traveling on foot can be done with the greatest of ease. It’s amazing what you can stumble upon while strolling along the cobblestone streets and alleys.

I was fortunate to walk by Tivoli Gardens one day, which was a five-minute walk from my hotel. Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park and pleasure garden which opened in 1843, making it the second oldest amusement park in the world. It’s home to one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the world as well as the world’s tallest carousel.

Photo by Rob Watts.

The highlight of the park, however, is the Halloween theme it puts on throughout the month of October. How pleasantly surprised I was to walk by the park and see jack o’ lanterns hanging on the side of the building. As this churned my curiosity, I decided to check the park out further and couldn’t believe that such a place existed. It definitely brings the kid out in you as you walk along the park and see 1000s of carved pumpkins, costumed characters, witches and scarecrows. They have a daily Halloween parade and many themed displays and performances throughout the park, making this an amazing Halloween universe.

This park is definitely a Halloween lover’s Disneyland. I will definitely be visiting this park again when I return to Denmark, especially as there have been many additions since last year, including an adult haunted house, where children under 12 are not permitted. Admission for adults is 95 Danish Krone (roughly $17.00 American) and the park is located at 3 Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen Center. So if you just happen to be in Denmark someday, you’ll want to add this to the top of your to-do list.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Rob Watts at Tivoli Gardens.


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