Taking a Ride with ‘The Trip’

Taking a Ride with The Trip

by Jason Harris

trip_cover_colorThe Trip by Tim Morgan tells the story of three teenagers who decide to travel by bicycle from their hometown of Billerica, MA. to Seattle, WA. after their graduation. On their trip, the Mumbai virus wreaks havoc on the world and their trip. It causes Dave, Meghan, and Chris to turn around and go home because they wanted to be with their families.

The virus causes people to become sick, die, and then become zombies. The zombies are not the slow moving kind, either. You would think that people on a bike wouldn’t be able to outride even one running zombie, let alone hundreds. It’s easy to overlook this fact because you care for these characters and hope they make it home.

Morgan starts each chapter with a news report about the virus and its spread. The chapters go back and forth between them trying to get home and planning for their trip while finishing their senior year in high school. The book starts with Meghan’s blog entry. She has a laptop and a solar panel to charge it while she’s on the road. Throughout The Trip, she is updating her blog and hoping her family or someone is reading it.

The Trip was interesting and kept me turning the pages. Any book that leaves you wanting more is always a good book.

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