Book Review: ‘A Shadow on the Wall’ by Dale T. Phillips

shadow_on_wall_cover_smashZack Taylor just can’t seem to escape his past. Ollie Southern, a member of a notorious biker gang, has cut a deal with the feds to get out of prison, and he’s returned to Portland, Maine to let Zack know he isn’t about to let bygones be bygones.

Meanwhile, Hollywood descends on his beloved city, and Zack is persuaded by a beautiful starlet to come on board as the martial arts liaison for what is sure to be a blockbuster film. But Zack is beside himself when he finds out the movie is actually about his own troubled past, and when someone in the business winds up dead, the blame falls on him.

Zack’s desire to put his past behind him has suddenly been complicated by questionable Hollywood ties to internationally organized crime, a police officer with an agenda, an old flame, a new flame, troubled actors, suspicion of arson and murder, and a big bag of money. And of course, Ollie Southern doesn’t help matters either.

What is an ex-con like Zack Taylor to do?

In A Shadow on the Wall, Dale T. Phillips delivers a high-octane mystery/thriller that moves seamlessly from dilemma to dilemma as Zack Taylor navigates the deadly mysteries playing out around him. Zack sizzles as a man with a troubled past trying to turn over a new leaf, and as a pawn and an unwilling player in an agenda he must understand before it kills him. His inevitable confrontation with a bloodthirsty Yakuza assassin delivers an exciting conclusion to what continues to be one of the more engaging mystery series I’ve read. The pacing in this book starts at 60 miles per hour and only accelerates from there, making it a quick, enjoyable read.

This is the best Zack Taylor book yet.

4 out of 5 Stars

Vlad Vaslyn, book reviewer

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