Book Review: “Blood Cult of the Booby Farmers” by Peter N. Dudar


By Stacey Harris



Blood Cult of the Booby Farmers by Peter N. Dudar wins, hands down, the best title for a novella ever. And what would you suspect from a story with such a title? Inbreeding, perhaps? Parasitic half-formed twins? Boobies? Good news: Dudar delivers all of these delights, and more.

BCOTBF is the tale of Tobias and Mathias, two brothers who, along with their father, are struggling to keep their farm from foreclosure. Add to this the problem of feeding Mathias’s parasitic, always-starving twin, Bubba, and you’ve got yourself a real dilemma. Tobias is in charge of keeping Bubba fed, and he does so by kidnapping lactating women. Problem is, Mathias keeps killing these women, and the planted corpses among the fields soon make their presence known.

This tale is not for the weak of heart. There is rape, torture, cannibalism, and gore galore, and honestly, I wouldn’t let my mother read it. (Hell, I don’t even want her to find out that I’ve read it.) You will not want to recommend that your local church book club read this book. (Or maybe you will, if your aim is to be excommunicated. If that’s the case, recommend away.) However, if you’re a fan of extreme horror, and have a perverse sense of humor, BCOTBF is just the book you’re looking for.

BCOTBF is twisted and sick, an homage to grindhouse and B-quality horror. It’s a bit silly, a little campy, and definitely grotesque, all essential elements for an entertaining read. It will absolutely appeal to the teenage boy in every man, and is a satisfying read for any gender willing to get down and dirty.

And yes, as promised, it is chock-full of boobies.

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