A New Venture


I’m writing this post today to let you know about a new venture, Mobile Addict, I have started. I was inspired by a site that disappeared a number of years ago. It was a site that posted people’s experiences with their mobile devices and how they were using them. People also wrote in about apps they were using and other mobile related topics. I learned about a lot of apps that way. I even participated by sending in my own experiences.

I would love to continue in that website’s vein with Mobile Addict so if you love mobile technology as much as I please send me your thoughts and comments on your phones and how you are using them. I welcome thoughts on any and every OS. If you are using an amazing app please share your thoughts on them. Everything will be shared on this site. Please email me at jhpromoservices@gmail.com.



My name is Jason Harris. You may have noticed the website change from the New England Horror Writers to Jason Harris Promotions. All the entries from the former NEHW site are still available here. All entries like this one, nehwnews.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/the-epitaph-28-jan-2013/, get redirected to this site. The NEHW has decided to go back to it’s former website on Blogspot, which can be found by clicking here.

I created Jason Harris Promotions because I believe in promoting people, events, and other things and getting the word out. It’s tough out there and getting tougher to get noticed. There are so many things drawing people’s attention. Let me help you get the word out about your book, convention, craft fair, business, or anything else you want the world to know about. Contact me at jasonharrispromotions@gmail.com and let me help you.