Mobile Food Truck Owners Start Kickstarter to Bring Products to Everybody

Oz’NBones is trying to get its rubs and barbecue sauces into grocery stores. Chris & Diane Ozmun, owners of Oz’NBones, have started a Kickstarter campaign to help them with this goal.

According to Oz’NBones Kickstarter campaign page, their goal of $10,000 will help with getting their products tested at a laboratory for acidity and other things, as well as for the nutritional and allergen information. They are working with a graphic design team to create labels and working closely with bottling and spice companies.

Click here to help them with their Kickstarter campaign.

Their barbecue sauces are an original sauce, which is a sweet and tangy Kansas City style sauce, a sweet Maple Bourbon, made with superior bourbon and organic Grade A robust maple syrup from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and a spicy Chipotle Sriracha infused with chipotle peppers and original sriracha sauce that has got a little kick and a lot of flavor.

Oz’NBones has brought bangin’ southern barbecue up north to Colchester, CT. Run by Chris & Diane Ozmun. They specialize in authentic and artisan barbecue. Everything is made from scratch including their barbecue sauces and their own award winning dry rub, which placed second in the National Barbecue News “Rubs of Honor” competition in the Fall of 2017. They use only the finest ingredients.

Check out Oz’NBones website here.

You can try their food at their food truck located at 44 Sashel Lane in Colchester, CT.

Please Help Books & Boos, An Independent Bookstore, Grow


Books & Boos2013-05-03 12.44.46, an independent bookstore located in Colchester, Connecticut, has started a fundraising campaign in an effort to expand their offerings to the community.

The campaign project page is located at No amount is too small.

Currently, the store primarily carries used books, but also offers shelf space to local authors with new books, and carries a variety of novelty items created by local artists. They host a local writers’ group, which has to juggle its schedule around author events, as there isn’t room in the store for both to go on at the same time.

At its present location, approximately 700 square feet, the store houses about 8,000 books. Their overstock, another 8,000 books, is stored at the owners’ home.

Books & Boos hopes to move to a bigger location with more visibility to bring more books to more readers. A larger space would also mean more room for book clubs, writers’ groups, author events, and hosting community events.

There’s a location available in the center of town (we’re currently in a fairly rural area) with three times the space. Also, there’s storage at the new location, and insulation (something the store doesn’t currently have, which leads to astronomical heating bills in the winter). There have also been issues with the septic leaking into the parking lot and non-potable water at the store’s current location. The new space will cost $25,000 for the year.

That’s why the store is asking for donations. Books & Boos hopes to move to a spot with more shelf space and more visibility to attract more readers and offer more previously-loved books.

If the store doesn’t meet its fundraising goal, all funds raised will go towards improving its current location and advertising.

Books & Boos is offering the following perks for donations:

Donate $25 and receive a coupon for a free romance novel at the store!

Donate $50 and receive a coupon for 20% off all used books in the store!

Donate $75 and receive a coupon for a free romance novel, and a book light!

Donate $100 and receive a coupon for 20% off all used books in the store, and a book light!

Donate $1,000 or more and receive a copy of Bite Club by Hal Bodner, a book light, a hand-crafted wooden etched bookmark, and 20% off all used books in the store!

Donate $5,000 and receive a new (unopened) Nintendo Challenge Set and Super Mario Brothers 3 game cartridge!

Donate $10,000 and receive a genuine Revenge of the Jedi script! This was the title of the movie before George Lucas changed it to Return of the Jedi. This is a RARE COLLECTOR’S ITEM and only one is available, so act now!

All donors will be recognized on the contributor page of the store’s website.

The Impact

You have a chance to help an independent bookstore provide more books, education, and a safe place to hang out in the community. Remember that used bookstore you used to visit as a kid, hanging out for hours, getting lost in the stacks? Books & Boos wants to be that place.

Thank you for your help and support. You’re doing a good thing.

Books & Boos is currently located at 514 Westchester Road in Colchester, CT. 06415. The phone number is (860) 861-6214.