Book Sale Ends in Two Days

By Jason Harris


Books & Boos Press, a small press located in Connecticut, has a sale on some of their titles including Secret Things by Stacey Longo and Echoes of Darkness by Rob Smales. This sale ends this Friday, Dec. 2. You can find out what titles here.

You can check out the presses sale video on YouTube here.

New ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Trailer Debuts Wednesday

A new trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice debuts this Wednesday. All you have to do to watch the new trailer is tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow, Dec. 2, at 11:35 p.m./10:35 CT. Here’s an exclusive sneak at YouTube:

Watch and Film Your Reaction to the ‘Evil Dead’ Trailer

Screen Gems has come up with something fun for people to do while watching the online red band trailer for the remake of the Evil Dead movie arriving in theaters this coming April.

You can record your reaction via webcam while you watch the trailer then you can post it on Youtube for the world to see. If you don’t want or can’t film yourself, you can still watch the trailer.

You can see the videos all over Youtube. Here is the URL:

Author’s Take on Jack the Ripper

Stefan Petrucha’s new book, Ripper, was released in March.

The author is currently running a contest on Goodreads, where he will give away six copies of Ripper. Click here to enter the contest, which ends April 28.

Here is the book’s description from Amazon, “Carver Young dreams of becoming a detective, despite growing up in an orphanage with only crime novels to encourage him. But when he is adopted by Detective Hawking of the world famous Pinkerton Agency, Carver is given not only the chance to find his biological father, he finds himself smack in the middle of a real life investigation: tracking down a vicious serial killer who has thrown New York City into utter panic. When the case begins to unfold, however, it’s worse than he could have ever imagined, and his loyalty to Mr. Hawking and the Pinkertons come into question. As the body count rises and the investigation becomes dire, Carver must decide where his true loyalty lies. Full of whip-smart dialogue, kid-friendly gadgets, and featuring a then New York City Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt, Ripper challenges everything you thought you knew about the world’s most famous serial killer.”

Check out the trailer for Ripper here.

Check out the author’s Amazon page here or order Ripper here.