Jan. 2011 Newsletter

Issue #5 (January 2011)
The Epitaph
Journal of the New England Horror Writers (NEHW)

The NEHW Board of Directors:
Dan Keohane – Co-Chair
Tracy L. Carbone – Co-Chair
Tim Deal – Director of Publications
Morven Westfield – Webmaster
T.J. May – Director of Events
Jason Harris – Director of Publicity
Tracy L. Carbone – Director of Social Events

Tracy L. Carbone will be signing The Man of Mystery Hill, her middle grade paranormal mystery, at the Borders in Burlington, VT on Feb. 19 starting at 11 a.m. Here’s a link to the store, http://www.borders.com/online/store/StoreDetailView_276 and to her site, www.tracylcarbone.com


From Bill Gauthier:

Gauthier’s novella, Alice on the Shelf is available though Bad Moon Books (www.badmoonbooks.com).
Information on Gauthier’s books along with links to the publishers can be found at his website, http://www.billgauthier.com.

From Robert Heske:

Heske was recently interviewed by Jason Thorson on his screaming new horror webzine Ravenous Monster. The interview can be found here, http://www.ravenousmonster.com/movies-tv/bob-heske-interview/.
His horror anthologies are now available at the Mira Digital Bookstore. Bone Chiller can be bought at this link, http://www.mirasmartshop.com/Bone-Chiller_p_44.html  ; 2012: Final Prayer can be bought at this link, http://www.mirasmartshop.com/2012-Final-Prayer_p_43.html
Heske is still securing funding for his micro-budget horror film, Unrest. Interested parties can contact him at bobheske@gmail.com.
From Mark Edward Hall:

Hall’s novella, The Holocaust Opera, will be published by Damnation Books (www.damnationbooks.com) on March 1. The book contains an introduction by Bram Stoker award-winning editor Vince Liaguno.
His story, “The Fear”, which appeared last year in The Masters of Horror anthology, has been made into an audio book podcast by ShadowCast Audio. Here is the link. http://www.shadowcastaudio.com/?p=984
Find out more about Hall at his website, http://www.markedwardhall.com.   
From John Goodrich:

Goodrich’s story, “God of Chickens” will appear in the Australian Horror Writers’ Association’s Midnight Echo, issue #5.  The issue will be available in print as well as an e-text, available at http://www.australianhorror.com/index.php?view=115.  
His story, “The Masked Messenger,” a Cthulhu Mythos story he collaborated with David Conyers on, is slated to appear in Andromeda Spaceways InFlight Magazine, Issue #52 (around summer 2011). His popular character Harrison Peel is used in the story. Keep up with the InFlight Magazine at http://www.andromedaspaceways.com/
Goodrich has another Cthulhu Mythos story, “N is for Neville,” appearing in Miskatonic River Press’ Dead But Dreaming 2 anthology (http://www.miskatonicriverpress.com/).    

From Michael Evans:

Evans’ short story, “Forgive Me, Father, For I Have. . .Burp!” will be published in the anthology First Time Dead by May December Publications on Feb. 13.
From Richard Alan Scott:

Scott is constructing, and is in the process of opening, his first official author website at www.richardalanscott.com. Please explore and read if you have a moment.  He would sincerely appreciate and be honored by any tips or feedback from his NEHW colleagues.  It would be very generous of you to sign up at the site and comment there, but if you would prefer not to, please feel free to email at RASCO1215@aol.com.
From Eric Dimbleby:

Dimbleby’s debut novel, Please Don’t Go, will be published by Pill Hill Press (www.pillhillpress.com) in early 2011. Find out more about Dimbleby at his website, www.ericdimbleby.com.
Jordan Allison (MA)

Editor’s Note:

Two items:
1. Members: if you have any information about releases, signings, appearances, etc. in between newsletters, feel free to send them any time. I will be able to put up the information on the NEHW blog at www.jasonharrispromotions.wordpress.com and then in the following newsletter.
2. When sending in information, please include the publisher, the publisher’s website, the release date (if there is one), etc. This will allow for it to go up on the blog.

– Jason Harris, Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW
– Stacey Longo, Assistant Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW
New England Horror Writers (NEHW)

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