Necon E-books Revamps Website

Necon E-books revamped website debuts Friday. The largest and most exciting addition of the new site will be the Live Blog. The goal for the blog is to inspire and engender online conversation about all things related to horror literature. The company also wants to create those aspects in what it does in publishing, e-books, book reviews, author appreciations, etc.

Bob Booth, founder of Necon E-books, has already started a regular feature for the site called “Bob’s Table at CafĂ© Necon,” his own personal book review column written in the manner of a discussion around “his” table at the Necon convention. For more information about Necon, check out the website,

The blog will contain a number of posts about writers or titles published by the company, but won’t be exclusively about them. Booth’s first review is of a novel
by an author the company has not had the pleasure of publishing. The blog will be about the entire genre. The company sees this as an opportunity for everyone to promote, celebrate, and hopefully thereby grow the field of horror.

The blog will only feature positive commentary about specific writers or novels. They would rather spend their time (and online column inches) showcasing talent and works they like rather than criticizing those they don’t. They may write something critical about an overall theme or trope in the genre which they are unhappy about, or be professionally critical of trends within the publishing industry, which they may not agree with, but they will never use the blog to make any personal attacks.
“In short, you have our word that if you see your name on our blog, you’re going to like what you read next.”

Check out the revamped website,


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