The Les Daniels Blog Tour, Day Two

A portrait of the late Les Daniels, who died last November, done by Artist Cortney Skinner.

A portrait of the late Les Daniels done by Artist Cortney Skinner. Photo by Jason Harris.

The Les Daniels Blog Tour by Matt Bechtel of Necon E-Books, which started at Brian Keene’s website last Thursday, continues today at the New England Horror Writers’ website.

Bechtel’s entry today is  titled, “Location! Location! Location! Les Daniels’ Place as an Icon of New England Horror.” He writes, “Above all else, it’s Les’ ties to New England horror that establish him as a legend in the community. After all, as I mentioned, the man lived most of his adult life on Benefit Street in Providence, literally blocks away from 135 Benefit Street, a.k.a. “The Shunned House” which helped inspire H.P. Lovecraft’s short story of the same name. His contributions to and influence upon the Necon Convention would take pages upon pages to list …” You can read the entire blog entry here.

The entire blog tour schedule can be found here.

Taking a page from Patty Cryan’s Blog. I will explain my involvement with the New England Horror Writers (NEHW). I have been a member of the NEHW over five years. It started with me putting together the organization’s newsletter every month. From newsletter editor, I became the Directory of Publicity, which is the position I held from October 2010 until April 2013. During this time, I was promoting the organization through numerous events from conventions to craft shows. Throughout that time, I continued putting together  the newsletter, The Epitaph. The old NEHW website is archived on this site, Jason Harris Promotions. This archive includes the past newsletters as well.

-Jason Harris

Papa Necon (Please Read)

This was written by Christopher Golden for the Necon E-books website.

Dear Necon Community,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we write to you today to ask for your prayers, good thoughts, and positive energy for our Papa Necon, Bob Booth. As some of you may have heard, Bob came down with bronchitis in November. He was sent for a chest x-ray and it came back showing a shadow that the doctor didn’t like. Further tests revealed spots on his lung and lesions on his liver, which led to still further tests. He has been diagnosed with stage four extensive small cell lung cancer and stage four liver cancer. The doctors also believe that it has spread to his bones, and he is undergoing further testing to discover if it has reached his brain. Early next week, when all of the results are in, decisions will be made regarding the wisdom and usefulness of chemotherapy and other treatments, but it must be said that options are limited.

Over the more than thirty years since Necon’s founding, it has become ever clearer that Necon is more than a convention. It has been called summer camp, but always feels like more of a family reunion, and our Necon family grows and changes with every passing year, spreading further and adding new members. Bob has been the center of that family–truly Papa Necon–since the very first day, and it is one of his greatest pleasures. We trust that many of you will want to send Bob your thoughts, kind words, and well wishes, and we gratefully encourage you to do so. Prayers and positive energy are powerful and would be deeply appreciated by all of us.

Cards and letters can be sent directly to Bob at home. Bob Booth, 67 Birchland Ave Pawtucket, Ri 02860. If you’d like to send e-mails and want to be sure they reach him, the best way is to send them to Sara, and she will see that he receives them. Her e-mail is

Thank you for your kindness, past, present, and future.


The Necon Family

Bob and Mary Booth.  Photo by Jason Harris.

Bob and Mary Booth. Photo by Jason Harris.

Many NEHW members know Bob Booth and are sadden by the news mentioned above. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Three Reasons to Attend Necon

Three Reasons to Attend Necon

by Jason Harris

I have been going to the Northeastern Writers’ Conference (Necon) for over 13 years. I can’t believe it’s been over a decade since my first one. Since I started going in the late 90s, I haven’t missed a year. I have been going to this convention longer than I have known my wife, who I have gotten hooked on Necon as well. It’s funny that it took a friend from Florida to introduced me to Necon since this convention is based in New England; a place I have lived my entire life.

1. The first reason to become a Necon camper is to meet fellow writers or fellow readers if you are not a writer. Here are a few writers that have attended the convention in the past: Stephen King, F. Paul Wilson, Peter Straub, Rick Hautala, Christopher Golden, Neil Gaiman, Craig Shaw Gardner, Tracy L. Carbone, Stacey Longo, Dan Keohane, Wraith James White, Brian Keene, Simon Clark, James A. Moore, Weston Ochse, and Jack Ketchum.

2. The second reason is to learn about the publishing industry and upcoming trends. Every Necon, there are always panels with varying topics such as e-books, young adult horror, trends in horror, vampires, zombies, and movies to name a few that have been held at this convention. The e-book topic is fitting since Necon E-Books was announced at Necon 30. Check out the selection of e-books here.

3. The third reason is to pick up more books and have the authors sign it. On Friday night during Necon, there is a “Meet the Authors” event. This is the time where you can get books that you brought signed. Or you can buy a book direct from the author. There is no better way to potentially meet the next Stephen King. And when they do become famous, you can tell your friends that you met and talked with the author at Necon. Your friends will be very jealous.

The NEHW table at Necon’s Authors’ Night. Photo by Jason Harris.

There are more reasons to attend Necon, but the main three are found above. Once you attend, you will find out the other reasons why this convention is so great. When you decide to go, just write on the registration form that Jason Harris referred you. You won’t regret it.

Necon happens in Rhode Island every July. For more information, click here.

Author’s ‘Death’s Companion’ Released

Author Dan Foley’s first novel, Death’s Companion, was released by Necon E-Books in May.Death's Companion

The book tells the story of Jerry Gibson, who chooses to kill himself, but discovers he can’t die. Instead he becomes Death’s Companion, forced to share the deaths of countless others. Then in one act of rebellion Jerry saves the life of a sixteen-year-old girl and unleashes a horror on the world that could destroy his immortal soul.

Author Christopher Golden (The Myth Hunters, Wildwood Road) said Foley’s novel is “clever and well-written,”

The e-book is $4.99 and can be purchased by clicking here.

Necon E-Books Collects Cinema Knife Fight

The Collected Cinema Knife Fight: Volume One (2004 – 2009) by Michael Arruda and L.L. Soares is now available on Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers. It was published by Necon Ebooks ( Volume One collects all of their early columns that appeared in the Hellnotes newsletter and the Fear Zone website.
Check out their movie reviews at the Cinema Knife Fight website,

Stoker Award-Winning Compilation Now an E-Book

Author Stanley Wiater’s Bram Stoker Award-winning compilation, Dark Dreamers: On Writing, has been republished as an e-book by Necon E-Books. It is subtitled, “Advice and Commentary from Fifty Masters of Fear and Suspense.”

It is a collection of how-I-did-it quotes from such talents as Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Jack Ketchum and many more. Wiater has “culled well-selected quotations from his interviews with horror’s creators. These include major influences; the day-to-day work of writing; choosing a form; fame and fortune; the game of making movies; sex and death; censorship; personal fears; surprising advice; and the function of horror.”

Check out the e-book here.

Pictures from AnthoCon Part 1

Author Stacey Longo and Actor Michael Boatman (Spin City, The Good Wife)

Shroud Publisher/Anthocon Creator Tim Deal

Author Tracy Carbone Moderating the Epitaphs' panel at AnthoCon

From Left to Right: Authors L.L. Soares, Peter N. Dudar, and Morven Westfield

Authors Stacey Longo and K. Allen Wood

Necon E-books founder Bob Booth Remembering His Friend, the Late Writer/Journalist Les Daniels

Authors Stephen Dorato and Tracy Carbone

Authors Christopher Golden, P. Gardner Goldsmith, and T.T. Zuma at the Epitaphs' panel

Authors Roxanne Dent, Jeffrey C. Pettengill, and David North-Martino at the Epitaphs' panel


Necon E-Books will be at Anthocon

Bob Booth and Matt Bechtel, of Necon E-books, will be at the New England Horror Writers’ table at Anthocon this coming weekend. Check out the convention’s website and read previous articles about Anthocon on this site just click on the “Anthocon” category.

Along with digital copies of the individual titles they sell, the company also offers print editions. Necon E-books will soon be offering the Complete Short Fiction of Charles L. Grant. There will be eight volumes in this series. Volume 1: Nightmare Seasons, Volume 2: The Orchard, Volume 3: Dialing the Wind, Volume 4: The Black Carousel, Volume 5: The Collected Oxrun Stories, Part 1, Volume 6: The Collected Oxrun Stories, Part 2, Volume 7: The Collected Horror Stories, and Volume 8: The Collected Science Fiction Stories.

Volume 1 through 4 will be coming out this year. Volume 5 though 8 will be released in 2012.

Grant’s novel, The Hour of the Oxrun Dead, is now available for $4.99. According to the site, “The Hour of the Oxrun Dead was a breakthrough novel for Charles L. Grant. It was the first of many books dealing with Oxrun Station, his invented, cursed locale that is probably only surpassed by Lovecraft’s Arkham and King’s Castle Rock in the minds of horror fans. First appearing in 1977, it helped usher in the golden age of horror fiction in the 1980s.”

The site said the novel is “character-driven and emotionally wrenching, The Hour of the Oxrun Dead’s subtlety stands in sharp contrast to the “gore galore” style that would come to dominate horror fiction.

Check out Necon E-Books blog which has an entry written about Brian Keene, a guest at Anthocon, by Booth. There are also entries written by authors James A. Moore and Jeff Strand.

The company also has books by Christopher Golden and Rick Hautala available. These two authors will also be at Anthocon this weekend. They also both have stories in Epitaphs, the first anthology by the NEHW, which is published by Shroud Publishing. There is going to be a book release party for this inaugural anthology at the convention and most of the authors in the collection will be on hand to sign the book.

Necon E-books Revamps Website

Necon E-books revamped website debuts Friday. The largest and most exciting addition of the new site will be the Live Blog. The goal for the blog is to inspire and engender online conversation about all things related to horror literature. The company also wants to create those aspects in what it does in publishing, e-books, book reviews, author appreciations, etc.

Bob Booth, founder of Necon E-books, has already started a regular feature for the site called “Bob’s Table at Café Necon,” his own personal book review column written in the manner of a discussion around “his” table at the Necon convention. For more information about Necon, check out the website,

The blog will contain a number of posts about writers or titles published by the company, but won’t be exclusively about them. Booth’s first review is of a novel
by an author the company has not had the pleasure of publishing. The blog will be about the entire genre. The company sees this as an opportunity for everyone to promote, celebrate, and hopefully thereby grow the field of horror.

The blog will only feature positive commentary about specific writers or novels. They would rather spend their time (and online column inches) showcasing talent and works they like rather than criticizing those they don’t. They may write something critical about an overall theme or trope in the genre which they are unhappy about, or be professionally critical of trends within the publishing industry, which they may not agree with, but they will never use the blog to make any personal attacks.
“In short, you have our word that if you see your name on our blog, you’re going to like what you read next.”

Check out the revamped website,