Live Blogging from the Hebron Harvest Fair

The third day is going well. The authors haven’t risen up with their pens to kill me because of my anal retentiveness or controlling personality.

The books are selling, the authors are happy even in the sun, and the NEHW t-shirts are selling well.

I have to thank the Hartford Courant people who allowed us to use their booth since we had so many authors at our booth. They allowed us to hang out and just relax while other authors were talking with horror fans. If you ever need the Courant and you live in Connecticut, you can’t go wrong with calling Ray Tedeschi at 860-758-7799 or Edward Carella at 860-232-7272 to sign-up for home delivery. Our authors even picked up some pointers from Jeff Sobiech on getting the NEHW name out there. So if you live in the state and you are visiting a fair, go visit the Hartford Courant booth. I would tell you to go talk to Jeff, but if he is running the booth he will come out to talk to you even before you get to his booth. He is an interesting man and it was great talking to him.

It is time to go eat some more fair food. While I am gone, please read the entries from the last couple of days. There is some interesting information within these entries.

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