Shock Totem’s First Holiday Issue

Shock Totem has a special holiday issue, which is now available for the Kindle. This issue features an eclectic mix of holiday-inspired dark fiction from K. Allen Wood, Mercedes M. Yardley, Kevin J. Anderson, and Robert J Duperre to name a few. There are also anecdotal holiday recollections from Jack Ketchum, Stacey Longo, Mark Allan Gunnells, Nick Cato, Leslianne Wilder, and a host of others.

Wood, Longo and Cato are members of the New England Horror Writers’ organization.

The Cover of Shock Totem's Holiday issue

Here’s is the table of contents:

Heartless by Mercedes M. Yardley

Vincent Pendergast’s Holiday Recollection

Jennifer Pelland’s Holiday Recollection

Streamer of Silver, Ribbon of Red by K. Allen Wood

Mark Allan Gunnells’ Holiday Recollection

Nick Cato’s Holiday Recollection

Santa Claus Is Coming to Get You by Kevin J. Anderson

Stacey Longo’s Holiday Recollection

Tinsel by John Boden

Leslianne Wilder’s Holiday Recollection

One Good Turn by Robert J. Duperre

Jack Ketchum’s Holiday Recollection

Sheldon Higdon’s Crappy Holiday Recollection

Christmas Wish by Sarah Gomes

Simon McCaffery’s Holiday Recollection

‘Twas the Night by Nick Contor

Daniel I. Russell’s Holiday Recollection

Lee Thompson’s Holiday Recollection

A Krampus Christmas by Ryan Bridger

Howling Through the Keyhole (Story Notes)

This is the first time Wood, publisher and editor of Shock Totem, formatted an e-book. He is currently working on other formats so it can be uploaded to B&N and Drive-Thru Fiction.

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