‘Scary Scribes’ Debuts Sunday Night

Scary Scribes Debuts Sunday Night

by Jason Harris

The Scary Scribes' Skeleton

Scary Scribes, a new podcast created by author Kristi Petersen Schoonover to share horror stories written by horror writers, airs this Sunday at 6 p.m. on the Paranormal Eh? Radio Network.

Author Stacey Longo will be Schoonover’s first guest on this new monthly podcast. They will be discussing Longo’s “People Person,” which was published in the anthology, Dark Things IV, published by Pill Hill Press. Besides sharing the writer’s story, Schoonover will talk with Longo about the idea behind the tale.

According to Schoonover’s website, the thing that “will make Scary Scribes a bit different is it won’t be just an interview; listeners will get to hear some of the writer’s work first — in most cases, a complete short story.”

The new podcast is a collaborative effort with Canada-based Paranormal, Eh? radio’s Terry Konig. Scary Scribes will be broadcast on the last Sunday of every month. For more information, check out the podcast’s website. There is also a Facebook page for Scary Scribes.

Both Schoonover and Longo are members of the New England Horror Writers’ organization.

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