Author’s New Book Available for Pre-order

Author and NEHW member Kurt Newton’s new sci-fi/horror novel, Powerlines, is now available for pre-order through Gallows Press. It will be available on Amazon on April 17.

Plot description:

“After his beloved brother is killed in Iraq, Ethan decides to take a weekend hike to clear his head and to get in touch with nature. His destination is a stretch of power lines that run deep into the forests of Connecticut. His journey will bring him through a reclusive area surrounded by mysteries and strange legends. Kissing his beloved and patient girlfriend, Lindsey, goodbye, Ethan sets off on his adventure.

It doesn’t take Ethan long to discover that the stories are true … something strange and insidious is hidden in the Connecticut countryside.

Something deadly.

When Ethan fails to show up at their rendezvous point, she knows that something is horribly wrong. Finding local law enforcement to be uncooperative, she partners up with an unlikely friend as she enters the woods in search of her lover.

As they follow the power lines deep into the woods, they have no idea what awaits.”

Book details: 278 pages, trade paperback, retail price $12.99, special pre-order price $11.00.

Newton also has a story in the anthology, The Gallows, which is also available for pre-order through the Gallows Press site.

Book description:

From Gallows Press comes a collection of 11 tales showcasing the narrative talents of the Gallows authors. The Gallows anthology is the perfect book for readers looking to sample what our talented storytellers have to offer.


“Pigs” by Erik Williams
“The Pit” by Kurt Newton
“China” by Gene O’Neill
“Jam” by Mark Allan Gunnells
“Craving Soul Food” by Sam W. Anderson
“Mirror World” by Liam Davies
“Rotting Love” by T.G. Arsenault
“Unknown Causes” by Frank Duffy
“He’s Just a Baby” by Shane McKenzie
“Writer’s Block” by Chris Hedges
“Children of Filth” by Brian Knight

Book details: 228 pages, trade paperback, retail price $8.99, special pre-order price $7.99.

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