‘Insanity Tales II’ Cover Revealed by Books and Boos Press


Books & Boos Press has debuted the cover for Insanity Tales II: The Sense of Fear. The cover plays off of the eye theme from the original Insanity Tales anthology cover. Both covers were created by artist Melinda Phillips.

Insanity Tales II: The Sense of Fear will debut in early October. According to Stacey Harris, co-owner of Books & Boos Press, she hopes to have copies of the new anthology to join the first one at their table at Rock & Shock. Two of the authors, Stacey Longo and Rob Smales, will be on hand during the convention to sign copies.

The collection features eleven stories from six of New England’s finest storytellers. David Daniel, Stacey Longo, Dale T. Phillips, Rob Smales, and Ursula Wong each have two short stories in the book; Vlad V. contributed a novella. Multiple Bram Stoker winner Joe McKinney (Crooked HousePlague of the Undead) wrote the foreword.

The book is a themed anthology: each author based their stories on different senses, going beyond the traditional (sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste) to elements such as a sense of doom, of powerlessness to control the future, and a sense of false hope.

The anthology is the second installment from Books & Boos Press. Insanity Tales debuted in October 2014.

Find Out about ‘My Peculiar Family’

By Stacey Longo


unnamed (2)

About a year ago, the crew over at Sci-Fi Saturday Night contacted me about a book project they were thinking of putting together. The Dome enthusiastically described how he had a bunch of old photographs of people. What did I think of the idea of sending those photos to various authors with just a character name and occupation, and having the authors write the stories of those people’s lives?

It sounded like a heck of a lot of fun to me.  Some time later, I got an e-mail.


Your character’s name is Gussie, and she works in an apothecary. Other than that, go for it!

As soon as I saw the cheerful, bright-eyed young woman in the photo, her story started coming to me. Taking a page from William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, I decided Gussie would be the person the women in town would discreetly visit when they found themselves with a problem. Perhaps they were unhappy about being in the family way. Or were in need of a way out of an abusive marriage. Woman problems. You see.

But what town? Gussie looked like a sturdy New Englander to me. And in what town, did I think, would women who had . . . problems . . . seek dark solutions? Fall River, Massachusetts, of course. I had the first draft of “Miss Elizabeth’s Poison” done in a week, and the final version done within the month.

It was a blast to write. Now we need your help to get it in print.

Sci-Fi Saturday Night has started a Kickstarter program to fund the final publication of My Peculiar Family. There’s an impressive lineup of authors in the anthology, including James A. Moore, Tracy Hickman, and William Meikle, among others. To donate (and snag some impressive rewards), please visit here; and support the arts.

You’ll be glad you did, I can promise you.

A Book Suggestion for the New Year


It’s December 31, the last day of 2014. What do you plan to do in 2015? If you are a reader, I would suggest the anthology, Insanity Tales. It’s a collection of work by five authors: David Daniel, Stacey Longo, Dale T. Phillips, Vlad V., and Ursula Wong. 2014-10-03 12.13.50Insanity Tales includes a foreword by award-winning author Jonathan Maberry (Rot & Ruin) and published by Books & Boos Press. Be prepared to enter a world of madness as you read these nine tales of twisted psyches, peculiar people, and demons of the mind and spirit.

Anthologies are a great way to discover new talent, so order the paperback or e-book today by clicking here.

You can find out about Books & Boos Press here.


‘O Little Town of Deathlehem’ is Horror for the Holiday Season


By Stacey Longo


If you’re wondering what to get the horror fan in your family this holiday season, look no further than Grinning Skull Press’s O Little Town of Deathlehem, a robust collection of holiday horror stories. Edited by Michael J. Evans and Harrison Graves, this anthology, is sure to please the most twisted of souls.

Starting off strong, the anthology opens with “One of His Own” by Catherine Grant, a Krampus tale that offers an almost tender-hearted look at the Christmas demon. Almost. It’s followed by “Christmas Wine” by Matt Cowan, a fun little story about having to make a terrible choice around the holidays. As you turn the page to the next story, and the next, you’ll be happy to realize that each tale is a delightful holiday present of its own.

Other personal favorites in this collection include “All I Want For Christmas” by Raymond Gates, about a writer struggling to finish his novel who unwittingly accepts help without considering the source. John Boden’s “The Antiphon” was a fabulous, lighthearted look at what can happen if you make a spelling mistake when addressing a letter to the big guy at the North Pole. And “Special Delivery” by Simon Bradley reveals a different, more human, and not always jolly side to dear old Saint Nick that you won’t soon forget.

Overall, O Little Town of Deathlehem is an enjoyable read of high-quality stories that is sure to please the hardest people to buy for on your Christmas list this year.

Books and Boos Press Debuts ‘Insanity Tales’ this Halloween Season


Publishing news from the Books & Boos Press website.


Books & Boos Press is excited to announce our October release of Insanity Tales, due out just in time for the Halloween season. This anthology contains short stories from David Daniel, Stacey Longo, Dale T. Phillips, and Ursula Wong, and a short novella by Vlad Vaslyn. Longo also edited the collection.

All of the stories in the anthology are new, with the exception of one from Longo (“Old Man’s Winter”), which was expanded and changed from an earlier version. Each story in Insanity Tales features a character whose actions could very well be perceived as crazy—and in some cases, they are.

The table of contents for Insanity Tales is as follows:

Foreword by Jonathan Maberry

“Memory Unit” by David Daniel

“Dark Water” by Ursula Wong

“Jack-o’-Lantern” by Dale T. Phillips

“Old Man’s Winter” by Stacey Longo

“Scalper” by David Daniel

“Never Alone” by Ursula Wong

“Chupacabra Moon” by Dale T. Phillips

“Color Him Crazy” by Stacey Longo

“The Sleep Artist” by Vlad V.

David Daniel is the author of eleven novels and more than a hundred short stories, and has won a Private Eye Writers of America Award (for The Heaven Stone) and was a Shamus Award finalist. Stacey Longo is the author of Ordinary Boy (due out May 2015) and Secret Things: Twelve Tales to Terrify, and was a featured author on the 2014 Connecticut Authors Trail. Dale T. Phillips is the author of four novels (A Memory of GriefA Fall From Grace), over thirty short stories, and has appeared on stage, television, and in an independent feature film, Throg. Vlad V. is the author of The ButtonYorick and Brachman’s Underworld. He is a freelance writer and former newspaper correspondent for the Lowell Sun and Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise. Ursula Wong is the author of Purple Trees, is a regional winner of the flash fiction contest sponsored by the New Hampshire Writer’s Project, and leads the NHWP Nashua chapter. Books & Boos Press is honored to be able to work with such a talented group of writers.


NEHW Member in New Collection with Author Joe Hill

Author and NEHW member Rob Smales’ story, “Photo Finish,” is included in the anthology, The Ghost is the Machine. This collection is filled with steampunk inspired ghost stories and includes a story by author Joe Hill. The anthology was edited by Patrick Scalisi and will be released on Aug. 14.

Author’s New Book Available for Pre-order

Author and NEHW member Kurt Newton’s new sci-fi/horror novel, Powerlines, is now available for pre-order through Gallows Press. It will be available on Amazon on April 17.

Plot description:

“After his beloved brother is killed in Iraq, Ethan decides to take a weekend hike to clear his head and to get in touch with nature. His destination is a stretch of power lines that run deep into the forests of Connecticut. His journey will bring him through a reclusive area surrounded by mysteries and strange legends. Kissing his beloved and patient girlfriend, Lindsey, goodbye, Ethan sets off on his adventure.

It doesn’t take Ethan long to discover that the stories are true … something strange and insidious is hidden in the Connecticut countryside.

Something deadly.

When Ethan fails to show up at their rendezvous point, she knows that something is horribly wrong. Finding local law enforcement to be uncooperative, she partners up with an unlikely friend as she enters the woods in search of her lover.

As they follow the power lines deep into the woods, they have no idea what awaits.”

Book details: 278 pages, trade paperback, retail price $12.99, special pre-order price $11.00.

Newton also has a story in the anthology, The Gallows, which is also available for pre-order through the Gallows Press site.

Book description:

From Gallows Press comes a collection of 11 tales showcasing the narrative talents of the Gallows authors. The Gallows anthology is the perfect book for readers looking to sample what our talented storytellers have to offer.


“Pigs” by Erik Williams
“The Pit” by Kurt Newton
“China” by Gene O’Neill
“Jam” by Mark Allan Gunnells
“Craving Soul Food” by Sam W. Anderson
“Mirror World” by Liam Davies
“Rotting Love” by T.G. Arsenault
“Unknown Causes” by Frank Duffy
“He’s Just a Baby” by Shane McKenzie
“Writer’s Block” by Chris Hedges
“Children of Filth” by Brian Knight

Book details: 228 pages, trade paperback, retail price $8.99, special pre-order price $7.99.

Pictures from AnthoCon Part II

Authors Peter N. Dudar and L.L. Soares waiting for the Epitaphs' panel to start

Author R. P. Steeves hard at work

From left to right: Author Stacey Longo reading while author Trisha J. Wooldridge looks on at the Epitaphs' panel

Authors Jeffrey C. Pettengill (left) and K. Allen Wood (right) at the Epitaphs signing

Actor Michael Boatman with his copy of the NEHW's first anthology, Epitaphs.

Author Stacey Longo holding her Hiram Grange Award

Longo received the award for “Excellence in the Art of Cover Letterage and Animal Mutilation. You will have to ask her at one of her appearances about the cover letter story. The “animal mutilation” part of the award you can find out about by reading her story in Shroud magazine, issue #11.

The cover of Shroud magazine, issue #11

The mass Epitaphs' signing at AnthoCon 2011

Author Brian Keene hands a book to Author Christopher Golden during the Epitaphs' signing

Author Kristina Schram

Author Michael Bailey

Sarah Gomes at the Shock Totem table at AnthoCon

The NEHW Presents Epitaphs this Saturday

Before the mass signing of NEHW’s inaugural anthology, Epitaphs, there will be a panel “The NEHW presents Its Inaugural Anthology and Introduces Some Contributors” at 4 p.m. this Saturday during Anthocon. After the panel, there will be a mass signing with most of the authors in the anthology.

The Epitaphs’ authors on the panel are Tony Tremblay, Kurt Newton, Trisha Wooldridge, Gard Goldsmith, David North Martino, Roxanne Dent, Christopher Golden, Stacey Longo, and Jeffrey C. Pettengill. Editor Tracy L. Carbone will be moderating the panel.

Here is the list of the authors who will be at the signing:

Brian Adrian White

Tony Tremblay

Kurt Newton

Steven Withrow

Christopher Golden

Paul McMahon

Dave Goudsward

Trisha Wooldridge

Gard Goldsmith

David North Martino

Steve Dorato

Roxanne Dent

John Grover

Holly Newstein

Scott Goudsward

Rick Hautula

Peter N. Dudar

K. Allen Wood

John Goodrich

John McIlveen

Stacey Longo

Jeffrey C. Pettengill

LL Soares

Mike Arruda

Editor Tracy L. Carbone will also be on hand to sign the collection.

The anthology was available on Amazon, but has been pulled for the time being for some technical changes. Stay tuned here for the announcement when it returns to Amazon.

Cover Released for NEHW’s First Anthology

The cover for Epitaphs, the first NEHW anthology, has been released. The anthology is edited by Tracy L. Carbone and will be published by Shroud Publishing. It will be released on Nov. 11 during Shroud’s convention, Anthocon, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The introduction is written by Peter Crowther, who has written over 80 short stories which has appeared in a variety of anthologies and magazines. Along with his fiction writing, he has written about music and the arts.

The NEHW members who are in the inaugural anthology are listed below.

Jeffrey C. Pettengill “To Sleep, Perchance to Die”
Paul McMahon “The Christopher Chair”
Kurt Newton “A Case of the Quiets”
Scott T. Goudsward “Build-a-Zombie”
John Goodrich “Not an Ulcer”
B. Adrian White “The Possesor Worm”
John M. McIlveen “Make a Choice”
Michael Allen Todd “The Death Room”
Rick Hautala “Perfect Witness”
Holly Newstein and Glenn Chadbourne “Stoney’s Boneyard”
Trisha J. Wooldridge “Kali’s Promise”
David Bernard “The Sequel”
David North-Martino “Malfeasance”
Stacey Longo “Private Beach”
Christopher Golden “All Aboard”
L.L. Soares “Holiday House”
Steven Withrow “Lines at a Wake”
K. Allen Wood “A Deeper kind of Cold”
P. Gardner Goldsmith “Alone”
Roxanne Dent “Pandora’s Box”
Michael Arruda “Chuck the Magic Man Says I Can”
T.T. Zuma “Burial Board”
John Grover “Windblown Shutter”
Stephen Dorato “Cheryl Takes a Trip”
Philip Roberts “The Legend of Wormley Farm”
Peter N. Dudar “Church of Thunder and Lightning”