Actor Talks about the role of Michael Myers in the Original ‘Halloween’

Actor Talks about the role of Michael Myers in the Original Halloween

By Jason Harris

Actor Tony Moran portrayed the 23-year-old Michael Myers in the original Halloween (1978).

He had a great time on the movie and compares John Carpenter to a computer because of the way he had every shot planned out.

“We never shot more than three shots for every scene,” Moran said. “He was pretty amazing.”

He considers Jamie Lee Curtis, his Halloween co-star, “really cool and really good.”

“[She] was a down to Earth chick.”

When asked if there were any scenes filmed that didn’t make it into the movie, Moran didn’t know of any.

Moran was asked to be in the sequel, but turned it down.

“I didn’t want to wear a mask,” Moran said about his reason for turning down the sequel.

The mask was uncomfortable and “really hot,” he said.

“You couldn’t breathe through it. The only holes through it were for the eyes.”

When asked how long he was in the mask on a typical day, he replied. “It seemed like forever.”

Moran received credit in the sequel since footage from the original was used in it, he said.

He doesn’t plan on seeing Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake.

“It’s a remake of me so I won’t watch it.”

Moran is proud to have portrayed the character of Michael Myers

Tony Moran

and wouldn’t want to be known for Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees, two other horror icons from Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th fame, respectively. He states “Halloween started it all …”

Moran has added producer to his resume when he took on that job when a guy messaged him on Myspace and sent him a script for Beg, a short film. It’s now a full-length movie starring his friend Tony Todd, P.J. Soles, and Michael Berryman, who he got to be in the movie. Debbie Rochon is also in Beg.

He would love to work with director Martin Scorsese and actor Robert De Niro.

“They are brilliant.”

Moran will be appearing at The Nightmare Factory, located at 2 Museum Place Mall in Salem, MA. from Friday through Sunday.

7 comments on “Actor Talks about the role of Michael Myers in the Original ‘Halloween’

  1. I had the pleasure this afternoon to meet the original Michael Myers……Tony Moran at the nightmare factory Museum Place Mall in Salem Mass, it was so very nice to have met him in person after seeing the halloween movie….he’s the original, and so am I had to put that in there!

  2. Had hubby take a pic of Tony Moran and I the other day when we saw him in salem mass with my cell put it on computer and when we got home went to look at it and it was blurry, go figure it could only happen to me should of had him take two pics,tried to c if I could get the blurr out but everything I did…just didn’t work! Still have the pic incase I come up with some way to fix it, I’m so bummed out about it oh well it is what it is!

    • That sucks. There is nothing anyone can do to fix a blurry picture. I have had a number of those in my professional career. Sometimes you just can’t tell by looking at it on a phone, but once you look at it on the computer you can tell it’s not the best quality.

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