The Epitaph, Issue 25 (October 2012)

Issue #25 (Oct. 2012)

The Epitaph

Journal of the New England Horror Writers (NEHW)

The NEHW Board of Directors:
Tracy L. Carbone – Co-Chair
Stacey Longo – Co-Chair
Dan Keohane – Treasurer
Jason Harris – Director of Publicity/Webmaster
K. Allen Wood – Director of Publications
Scott Goudsward – Director of Events
David Price – Board Member
Tim Deal (alternate)
T.J. May (alternate)
Rhode Island Comic Con
The NEHW will be at Rhode Island Comic Con on November 3 and 4. The cost will be $25 per member to participate. Space is limited to six people. This event is now full.
The NEHW will have a table at Anthocon ( from Nov. 9 through 11. Participation is $10. Email Scott Goudsward at for details and to reserve a spot at the table to sell your books.
Tantasqua’s Holiday Craft Fair
The NEHW will have tables at the Tantasqua’s Holiday Craft Fair at the Tantasqua Regional Sr. High School in Fiskdale, MA from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on December 1. It’s $10 to participate. Contact Jason Harris at to be at the table.
Want to Give Back to the NEHW?
The NEHW has been asked by the Barnes & Noble in Manchester, CT to man its gift wrapping table. There will be a jar set-up for donations, which will go to our organization. We will be there on Dec. 9, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The table sits three people comfortably. There will be shifts. After gift wrapping ends, we can go out to eat at a local restaurant.
Email Jason Harris at if you like to help gift wrap.
From Don Franklin:
He announces that his novel, Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone is now available on Amazon even though the official launch date is October 31, and in a couple of weeks it will be available through Smashwords, at Barnes and Noble, on kobo and iTunes and on the sony e-reader,. Here is the publisher’s webpage:
From K. H. Vaughan:
The launch party for Shanghai Steam, a steampunk/wuxia anthology featuring his story “Love and Rockets at the Siege of Peking” will be Nov. 2 in the EDGE reading room at the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto.
He also had stories accepted to the anthologies Once Upon An Apocalypse and The Lost.
From Dan Foley:
His short story, “Hell’s Scavenger Hunt” has been accepted for publication in Scarlett River Press’s Tortured Souls, Vol. 1 anthology.
From Tom D’Agostino:
He did an episode of Freaky Friday with R.J. Heim for Channel 10 WJAR on the Ramtail Factory.
He is also working on his 10th book, which will feature really cool haunted people and places in New England. It will be out in time for next Halloween.
He and his wife, Arlene, look forward to seeing NEHW members at Comic-Con.
From Erin Thorne:
She will be presenting a book talk/signing at the Jacob Edwards Library in Southbridge, MA. on Thursday, Nov. 29th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Following are links with more information: and
She has recently published a book, Deals Diabolical, in the horror genre. Following is a short synopsis plus links to the paperback’s Amazon page and her author’s page on Amazon, as well as her Author’s page on Facebook.
Deals Diabolical Synopsis: A father loses his beloved child to her own impulsive nature, and desperately wishes for her safe return to the family home. An up-and-coming disc jockey working the late shift is brutally attacked, and desires nothing more than vigilante justice. The wife of a successful businessman suffers the first blows of domestic violence, and vows that her daughter will never see her father become a monster. Desperation binds each of these people to a forbidden aid, purchased at the cost of something they’ll never miss; at least, not in this life …!/authorerinthorne
Here is Thorne’s bio: Thorne is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, where she lives with her family. She writes primarily paranormal fiction, and is the author of Diane’s Descent, a supernatural novella set in upstate New York, as well as Deals Diabolical, a collection of eight spine-tingling tales. Her work has also been featured in Adventures for the Average Woman (now IdeaGems Magazine).
From Anthony Tremblay:
Tremblay, writing under the pen name T.T. Zuma, has had his stories “Chiyoung” and “Dongsun’s Song,” accepted into Horror World’s Eulogies II anthology.
He also had his story, “The Old Man,” accepted into the Anthocon – Four Horseman Anthology.
He has also been chosen to be the New Hampshire author of the month at the Goffstown N.H. Public Library on Nov. 3, and will be reading his story “The Burial Board” from Epitaphs, the NEHW anthology as well as meeting the patrons and answering questions.
From Roxanne Dent:
Her story, “The Legacy,” has been accepted by the Four Horsemen, for their first print anthology scheduled for release on Nov. 9 at the second annual anthology conference, Anthocon 2012.
From Tracy L. Carbone:
Her thriller, Restitution, is now available on Kindle and will be in print shortly.
Book description: Destiny intervenes for Tucker Millis, a delusional writer who needs a purpose in life and a plot for his new novel. When he discovers his new phone number once belonged to a man on the verge of turning himself in for a twenty-five year old murder, it’s a dream come true. Tucker uses the messages and calls intended for the murderer to manipulate lives and to craft his story. But he’s propelled back to reality when he can no longer escape the full horror and dire consequences of the world he’s created.
From Bill Rockwell:
His novel, Generation Z, Birth of the Zompire, was published Oct. 1, and is available on Amazon or his website:
He has been asked to do a reading and signing at Mysti-Con in Roanoke, VA on the weekend of Feb. 22, 2013.
From Chris Cumo:
Cumo’s story, “The Old Man and the Aristocrat” was published in the first addition of The Alarmist, a new print magazine in the UK, in July 2012.
From Vlad Vaslyn:
His second publication, a horror novella, Yorick, will be out by Halloween in paperback and all major digital formats!
Book description: Poor Roberta. She’s aging, has lost everyone she’s ever loved, and now she lives out her sad, lonely days feeding on bad convenience store food and faded memories of happier times. She wants nothing more than to join her loved ones in the afterlife, but then a gruesome discovery along the banks of the Merrimack River changes everything. Roberta knows she’ll never be alone again.
From K.A. Laity:
She is happy to announce two horror-themed publications: Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales from Tirgearr Publishing (, which collects a wide variety of dark stories, some not previously published. Also for Fox Spirit Books (, she has edited the genre mash-up anthology, Weird Noir, which includes fellow NEHW members Jan Kozlowski and Christopher Irvin. Please contact the publishers if you’d like to review either publication.
Her flash fiction, “Boo” appeared in Flash Flood Magazine 12 Oct 2012.
From Michael Arruda:
He’s happy to report that his horror movie review collection, In the Spooklight, is now available as an e-book at This is a collection of his In the Spooklight columns which have appeared in the HWA Newsletter since 2000 and features reviews of horror movies from the silent era up until today. A must for horror movie buffs!
From Dan Foley:
His short story, “Hell’s Scavenger Hunt,” has been accepted for publication in Scarlett River Presses’ Tortured Souls, Vol 1 anthology.
From Doug Rinaldi:
His first e-book, Manuscript Of Deviated Truths, Volume I, has been released on Amazon through their Kindle Direct program. It contains three short stories and one piece of poetry and is the first of three collections of short stories.
Volume I contains four dark tales that challenge our vision of reality and make the improbable and impossible truths. In “Maelstrom,” a crews’ hold on reality capsizes under the weight of death and despair they find on the open sea. “Annual Seed” documents one man’s obsession with the cutthroat world of growing the best vegetables. Sadness, helplessness, and unending frustration form a vortex of emotion in the poem “Thy Scars.” OCD is the least of Brad’s problems when he comes face to face with the crushing and hurtful reality of the world around him in “Cleanliness And Godliness.” All this for just .99 cents.
From Deb Eskie:
She announces that Cruentus Libri Press is publishing her story, “A Normal Son,” in their anthology Suffer the Little Children.
From Dale T. Phillips:
He is proud to announce numerous story sales and publications for his stories.
“Mistakes” was published in Fiction and Verse:
His story, “Change of Attitude,” was sold to Over My Dead Body, will link when it’s up.
His story, “Our Lady,” was accepted for the upcoming Nightfalls anthology. His story, “A Song for the Children,” was accepted for the new Fungi anthology. His story, “Heartsounds,” which was published last year, was selected for inclusion in a new anthology The Best of Every Day Fiction Four.
He’s also been named a finalist in the contest “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” on The Authors Show:
He will be attending the New England Crime Bake mystery conference on Nov. 9-10 ( and at the New England Author’s Expo Holiday Book Sale on Sunday, Nov. 11(
From Errick A. Nunnally:
The collaborative chapbook/magazine Dreadworks Journal will be available at the NEHW’s table at AnthoCon 2012. It contains four heart-stopping short stories from NEHW members Bracken MacLeod, Christopher L. Irvin, Javed Jahangir, and himself.
From Stacey Longo:
Longo will appear on the Literary New England radio show on Monday, Nov. 5 at 8 p.m. She lists five of the scariest stories by New England authors, which includes a novel by NEHW member Rick Hautala. She also manages to plug other writers and the NEHW itself. Listen on Blogtalk Radio at
From Chris Irvin:
Chris’s story “Charred Kraken with Plum Butter” is coming out next week in the anthology, Weird Noir, published by Fox Spirit Books. Another story of his coming out in November, “Santa’s Bones,” is in the charity anthology, The Undead That Saved Christmas Vol. 3 Monster Bash, published by Rainstorm Press. Proceeds benefit the Hugs Foster Family Agency.
Erin Thorne (MA)
Sarah Bousquet (MA)
Rose Mambert (MA)
Daniel Craig Roche (MA)
Gordon Bean (NH)
Katherine Silva (ME)
Patrick Harron (NH)
Rose Mambert (MA)
– Jason Harris, Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW
– Stacey Longo, Assistant Editor, the Epitaph: Journal of NEHW


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