Anthocon 2012 Recap

Anthocon 2012

by Jason Harris

The second Anthocon presented by Shroud Publishing and the Four Horsemen happened in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, this past weekend. Once again, it was a good time. There were less attendees and vendors this year, but that didn’t impede the people who came to the convention from having a good time.

Once again, the Four Horsemen: Timothy Deal, Danny Evarts, Mark Wholley, and jOhnny Morse, put together a great convention. There were the usual panels and readings. This year brought some new program delights that included a film festival, art show, art demonstrations, and gaming.

The newest delight, which pleased a number of convention-goers, were the pitch sessions put on by Evil Jester Press and Post Mortem Press. A few New England Horror Writers’ members had a great response to their pitches.

Mark Wholley. Photo by Jason Harris.

The first Anthocon anthology, Anthology: Year One, debuted. Every author in this collection was at the first Anthocon. When Wholley announced the readings from this new anthology, he told everyone they would be able to submit to year two since they were attending the second Anthocon.

The after hour parties definitely had that Neconesque feel to them, which I know will make Deal happy since that is what he was hoping for when the Horsemen created Anthocon.
Hopefully, there will be many Anthocons to come.

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