Pictures from the Jaycees Fourth Annual Spring Fair

The bookstore, Books & Boos was involved with the Jaycees Fourth Annual Spring Fair on Sunday, May 18. Normally, this event is held on a Saturday, but the organizers decided to move it to the rain date this year since the weather wasn’t looking too good for May 17. Click here for the previous article about this event. Click here for pictures from the 2012 Spring Fair when I, Jason Harris of Jason Harris Promotions, organized a vendor spot for the New England Horror Writers organization (NEHW).

Click here to see pictures on the Books & Boos’ website from this event.

Author Dale T. Phillips also posted pictures from the event on his website. You can find them here.

Meet Three Authors at the Foxboro Jaycees Fourth Annual Spring Fair this Sunday


There will be three authors at the Books & Boos’ tables during the Foxboro Jaycees Fourth Annual Spring Fair happening this Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Foxboro, MA.

The three authors people can meet are Stacey Longo, Dale T. Phillips, and Vlad Vaslyn. Fair attendees will be able to purchase these author’s books and get them signed as well. Longo will have her short story collection, Secret Things, Phillips will have his horror thriller, Shadow of the Wendigo, and Vaslyn will have his science fiction thrill, The Button.

Along with the authors, there will be crafters, artists, and vendors at the Spring Fair.

The fair was originally scheduled for Saturday, but the prospect of rainy weather caused the organizers to hold the fair on its rain date. The fair is being held on the Foxboro Common in Foxboro, MA.

NEHW at the Foxboro Jaycees Spring Fair this Saturday

The weather is going to be perfect this Saturday for the Foxboro Jaycees Spring Fair on the Common.

According to the forecast, it will be in the 70s and what better way then to come check out the New England Horror Writers, who will be selling and signing books, at an outdoor craft fair. Along with our books, there will be other vendors selling items like handcrafted jewelry, original artwork, doll cloths, handbags, and many other gifts.

If you are a reader and love meeting authors, you will want to stop by the NEHW tents. Yes, you read that right. We will have two tents right next to each other where you can meet authors, Tracy L. Carbone, Scott Goudsward, Stacey Longo, David Price, Rob Watts, Morven Westfield, and K. Allen Wood.

At this event, there will be three authors with stories in Epitaphs and the anthology’s editor. Epitaphs is the New England Horror Writers’ first anthology. Goudsward, Longo, and Wood all have stories in this collection while Carbone was its editor. The anthology is $12 and the authors’ signatures are free.Cover of the New England Horror Writers' first anthology, Epitaphs.

Along with Epitaphs, these writers will have other books on hand that they have written or it contains a story written by them.

If a story collection is not want you are into, but folklore is then Watt’s book, Huldufolk, may be your cup of tea. His book is based on Icelandic folklore. Along with the book, he is giving away a copy of The Traffic Lights CD, the fictional band in Watts’ book, with each book purchase. Watts composed the music himself.

Wood will have copies of his magazine, Shock Totem, on hand. Each issue contains stories, interviews, and reviews.

In you love vampires, Westfield will be the person to talk to since she will have two vampire books on hand, Darksome Thirst and Old Power Returns, which take place in Framingham, Massachusetts.

You can also find out about Price’s first published story in Tales from the Grave, which will be on hand.

The Spring Fair happens from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the Foxboro Common.